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Information Technology
George A. Smathers Libraries
University of Florida
Suite 1250
2124 NE Waldo Rd
Gainesville, FL 32609

Telephone: (352) 273-2800
Fax: (352) 392-2354

IT Info Update Meeting Minutes
May 19, 2010

IT Reorganization
  1. IT Dept organizational chart presented. It is still not official and there are more changes to come.
  2. Once the org chart is official, it will be posted on the IT Dept web site.
IT Dept Relocation
  1. The IT Dept date of relocation is set for: July 12. Why? To provide more available space to Special Area Studies.
  2. Impact: transportation. The newly purchased Altiris software will allow remote access to library computers.
  3. Pictures of the new building presented.
Software Development
  1. We are migrating from a host SQL server to a virtual SQL server at CNS. Any changes we need to make will be done remotely.
  2. Winston explained the new Electronic Resources module in Grover. Chris Poehlmann will be the Ticketmaster for that queue.
  3. Jason has been working on queries to FCLA, allowing access on campus. Statistics and custom reports from FCLA Oracle data - queries by staff. Inquiry from the audience: who will be taking over Jason's duties when he leaves? Logan will discuss this topic when he speaks on Server Management.
  4. UFDC is now on the CNS managed SQL server.
  5. Patron Updates - large database. Hope to be done migrating it soon.
Server Migration
  1. We've been moving the File Server to the CNS virtual server for the last 10 days. The new path structure will be: \\\uflib.
  2. CNS support has been good for all servers and storage.
  3. We will have redundancy. We will consolidate all of our storage to one location.
  4. End users will be able to handle their own restores once their department is moved to the new server. It will restore back 60 days. Logan can get with you individually, if you need further instruction.
  5. Web migration - will begin next week. We will be creating a single structure under a single location. It should not look any different visually. We are trying to simplify the permanent structure. This will be a two-week process, at least. Paths will change. We are trying to keep it simple. We will go over more on this topic as it happens. Logan will meet with departments to discuss.
  6. Department App server move - DLC this week. Maps, NT13 next week.
Aleph ILS Changes
  1. Division of Jason Fleming's duties: Matthew Daley will be the new LMS project coordinator.
  2. Amy Polk and Cynthia Bowker will be the contacts for database query requests.
  3. Cliff Richmond will handle ALEPH account generation and ALEPH permission requests.
Office Communicator
  1. Roll out in June. It is a chat lient that is integrated with Outlook.
  2. It allows for communication with all UF staff, if activated.
  3. It also has videoconferencing and live meeting features, as well as desktop sharing.
  4. It will work from off-campus.
  5. Logan will demo for departments as needed.
Hardware Support
  1. Help Desk - has been up and running for two months. The Help Desk can be reached by dialing 273-2800, option 1. We have been tracking the calls since inception. It has been very successful. The Help Desk exists to log in tickets and assist you, if possible. We will be opening the calls to all staff starting next Monday.
  2. Altiris - computer management software that will enable us to do software installation, image installation and provides inventory tools. We will use the remote desktop function to fix computer issues and install software. We will be able to track what software is loaded on individual machines. Evan gave a brief demo of how Altiris works.
  3. New public computer images - Win7. We will be setting up a few tables in West with the new image on it for testing. We are considering loading Office 2010 as well. Circa is going to Office 2010 in the fall. We'd like to build it into the image. We'd like our machines to mirror those of Circa. The Desktop layout is new and different. Students will o be required to reboot anymore, just log off. This will save time between students. Desktops will be varied for each library branch.
  4. Canon print issues - campus Purchasing has been pursuing why the printing issues have not been fixed yet. Canon has announced they should have a fix by the end of this quarter (June).
  5. Intranet - Sharepoint 2010 - we having IT training scheduled in June and hope to start using it in July. If you are curious about it, just research Sharepoint 2010. It will be ready for staff use by fall at the earliest. It integrates with Office 2010, which is a good reason to move staff to Office 2010. We will discuss that option with Administration. We may try to push it at the same time as the Win7 push to staff. If you have any feedback regarding these matters, feel free to email Evan Wack.
  1. Rumors that we are moving to Word Press for Web site production? That is a strong possibility. Tom and Matthew have been working on templates. We have been asked to use a CMS to develop pages with a similar look.
  2. Will this IT meeting be a regularly scheduled occurrence? Yes, it will. We do not have an exact recurring date at this juncture. After the IT Dept relocation in July, we may conduct via videoconferencing. The date and time of the next meeting will be announced via email.
  3. Wiki server? Yes, after Sharepoint comes out, you'll be able to create your own wikis.
  4. What's the deal with the IT folks at HSC? We are making all efforts to integrate the IT things that we can with HSC. With the firewall and HIPPA, we have to remain separate in certain incidences for the time being. We are helping them with some Web issues. The proxy server is still monitored by HSC. Cliff Richmond discussed the EZ Proxy redundancy. He also announced that George Hack is leaving at the end of June.