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Information Technology
George A. Smathers Libraries
University of Florida
Suite 1250
2124 NE Waldo Rd
Gainesville, FL 32609

Telephone: (352) 273-2800
Fax: (352) 392-2354

IT Info Update Meeting Minutes
June 30, 2010

SharePoint 2010
  1. SharePoint 2010 was rolled out this week by campus. is the top level page for campus. We may add for the Libraries.
  2. Calendar can be used for staff events. Blogs as well.
  3. Sub-department sites will be created upon request form the IT Dept.
  4. We will offer training classes in West 419.
  5. Send in a Grover ticket if your department is interested.
  6. There will be a unified theme to the pages.
  7. Our Web folks are working on a template.
  8. Hope to have it rolling by the end of July.
  1. Logan reviewed an organizational chart of the people who will be taking over the Jason's duties.
  2. A copy of the org chart can be made available for staff.
Server Migration
  1. 90% complete.
  2. All user and department folders has been moved to the virtual server at CNS.
  3. Print server to move soon. Should be seamless to users.
  4. Web server move is in the planning stages. It is a complicated server.
  5. Also need to move the GIS (Maps) server, which may also prove difficult.
Office Communicator
  1. Logan showed a few demo videos on the various features of Office Communicator.
  2. Logan can demo Office Communicator individually or by department.
  3. VOIP calling is not available with OCS at UF. The rest of the functions are there.
  4. It works on or off campus.
  5. It is available for all staff now. Please submit a Grover ticket requesting installation.
Hardware Update
  1. Help Desk info shared: 273-2800, ext 1. Available to all staff.
  2. Altiris is installed and functioning. No touch imaging. Allows for remote management of computers.
  3. A few machines still have the Altiris icon on the toolbar, but they should be disappearing.
  4. Win7 migration - need volunteers. Takes 2 hours to push the image. Once we've tested it, we will send it out by department. We'll send the image at 4AM. If it breaks the machine, we will have snapshots of the computer and can return it to how its former state. To assist in the speed of this migration, we will need users to move all their data to the U: drive.
  5. Question: what version of office are we putting on the new staff image? Office 2010, barring any kickbacks. We are not going to 64 bit. There are too many old devices that will break.
  6. New Win7 public image for West is out for testing. We are working with the security vendor regarding the log off. We will be making a separate image for the microform machines.
  7. McAfee/EPO - we have been tweaking up the security levels and, as a result, are catching more viruses. Evan demoed the Site Advisor ratings. Occasionally you will find a legitimate site that is blocked. If that is the case, send us a Grover ticket and we can check it and unblock the site if it is safe.
  8. We will be replacing 160 computers in the West public area in August.
  9. We will be working on an IT Staff Guide to informational and training purposes. Question: will this replace the IT blog, which has not been updated in months? It may, along with the use of SharePoint.
  10. Videoconferencing Room 1A - Evan gave a brief run-through of the features. Right now there's an issue with the extreme noise level of the AC. PPD and Facilities are working to fix it so we can resume the use of the audience microphones.
  11. We can use Altiris to push OCS, so put in a ticket if you'd like to have it installed.
  12. Canon update? There has been a lot of progress with the printing issues. Campus Purchasing has been actively pursuing a resolution. Issues they are working on: lag time - should have it fixed within a month, duplexing - working on it, Library and patron laptop printing to start soon, standard/legal paper tray issue - resolved, toner issue - resolved and we are in negotiations about USB to scan. Things should improve with the Pharos software upgrade. UF Purchasing is really pressuring them to resolve these issues. There are weekly conference calls.
  13. The network outage this morning was a failure at the CNS core router. It came back up fairly quickly.