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Support Services Meeting Notes
January 5, 2009

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Lori Driscoll, Laurie Taylor
  1. Rob is at AFA. The electric gates are not working.
  2. It appears the West stairwell walls did not get painted over the break.
Access Support
  1. FCLA - back to operations in Reserves and ILL. No progress in notices. Changes are going through okay. New text is not showing up. That needs to be reported up the chain.
  1. Calendar/email - Bill reports multiple notifications. That is due to the Exchange mail corruption. Lists seem to have been spammed. Will did not see the reports. Perhaps due to AD Barracuda?
  2. Tomorrow IT will meet to plan the move of staff to UFAD. There are a few possible scenarios. We hope to move email at the same time. We will test the migration tools first. Hope to schedule an all-staff meeting for next week. Could possibly start moving next weekend. Workstation migration will require hands-on work by the Workstation Support Team.
  3. AFA move - the Workstation Support Team help them get set back up this morning. One machine was not responding.
  1. DLOC can't be submitted until the TICFIA program announces the grant.
  2. Everglades - will start in March.
  3. Stats on usage will be available soon.
  4. One report on achievement is done, but not loaded.
  5. Laurie emailed a trust group for Google regarding preservation storage. The cost was more expensive than Tivoli.
  6. January 19th is a National Day of Service as well as the inauguration of President Obama. We may get inquiries about service tasks for volunteers.
  1. Everything has been very quiet, not much to report.
  2. The impact of all the construction on campus seems mild, but classes haven't officially started yet.


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