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Support Services Meeting Notes
January 8, 2007

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
Business Services
  1. Betty's email can now be cancelled. All she is getting is junk mail. She has a new email address where she can be reached.
  1. Room 100 - carpet is going in. They start at the center and work out. Should be finished in a couple of days.
  2. Conference room East - table relocated, laptop setup secured in podium.
  3. Security setup in East - motherboard replaced, doors are now working.
  4. We are at a minimum of three revisions behind on updating the Secure software. Need to compare the cost of converting East - and if it is near to equal - we may consider doing it. We need to solidify the money and numbers.
  5. Figured out Dales's office lockout - John had locked it the prior Friday, per her request. He did not change the schedule back and so she was locked out the following Friday. He needs to know a more effective way to lock her office.
  6. Request from Business Services to have a master key for the carrels so that they can be cleaned. Problem is: student private property issue and if the key is lost, everything would have to be re-keyed. Issue to go before council and the Directors will figure it out.
  7. Carrel repairs - should they be done by us? The repair guy brought a box of stops and gave them to Brad. Bill says to go ahead and put them in.
  8. We are going to change the lighting duration on the shelving from two minutes to four, per staff and student request.
  9. 6th floor furniture update - Bill is here to give us quotes - through Agotti.
  10. We have a request in to Business Services for extra service on the date of the West Dedication - Jan. 26.
  11. Fourth floor West conference room - have not yet secured the computer wires.
  1. East conference room - PC has been installed in the podium and the table has been moved. An Optical Desktop Elite for Bluetooth (wireless) will be available for checkout with the new set up.
  2. NT 16 - experiencing failure on the E: drive (SCSI enclosure). We bought and installed three new drives, but the problem got worse. Replaced one drive with an old one, it looked normal and is rebuilding. All data on the drive was lost - mostly daily backups. We have one user (Pat Haskins) who deleted personal folders on the Friday before Christmas break. We may not be able to get that folder back. We lost all of the array. Every time it is left rebuilding, it shows 12 of 14 failures. Bill says to call Dell and get a consult. The unit is out of warranty - still try to get a consult. Price of doing business. Problem could be with the controller.
  3. Xerox - still having weekly meetings, trying to get things squared away. Chrissy has been going through stuff, but is getting confused. She claims that people are going in and changing settings. Need to get her a copy of the security console.
  4. Bill received Amy's email.
  1. Meeting today of UF Library Faculty Association - 3:00PM - presentation by the chair of the Future of the Libraries Committee. This meeting is open to the public - MSL 107. May be addressing whether or not the Health Center Library will be rolled in with us. Administratively, there is a funding problem. T&P problems as well.
  2. Reclass - working on it - getting to the beginning of the end. Currently reviewing IT positions. Still waiting on the mapping of DLC - a challenging task.
  3. Training room Smart Board - Statement of Work received, Will had to make some changes - will probably be a couple more weeks.
  4. Performance Management Initiative Training - mandatory attendance for all staff. Trudi to send out info and will attach a list as to who as already taken the course.
  5. Systems IT Expert position dropped - candidates now visible - about 15-19 in the applicant pool.
  6. Dean of the Libraries interviews - Carol Drum sent out an email listing the candidates. The first interview is scheduled for January 25 (the day before West convocation). Need to make sure Carol knows that Room 1 will be occupied on that day. The general staff will get one hour with each candidate. Total interview time expected to be three hours. All prospective candidates will have seen the budget and will be aware of our financial constraints. No one wants to preside over a sinking ship. Hard answers are needed from Tigert.
  1. Transition to John Ingram as Interim Director - Dale is pulling back. She is no longer making any official decisions. She has a lot of clearing the deck to do before the end of the month. It is crunch time for her, so John is now handling the day-to-day tasks.
  2. Room 100 - need to make it workable for public use - media installation - make provisions for a projector. Do we have a portable screen? Rob will check to see if they have one in Facilities.
  3. Lots of people are interested in the re-class - relative to all Library positions.
  4. UF's new Flexicar policy - a car-sharing policy that is now being offered to students and faculty. All the details of the program are available on the PPD website. A taxi service is also forthcoming. All these programs are part of the campus-wide green initiative.
  5. W2s - should be coming out soon. They are required to be out by the last day in January. We have yet to receive them from Tigert. An earning statement will be included with the W2.
  6. 1PM Wednesday 4th floor West conference room - big meeting with all the players on the temperature problems in West. The meeting is scheduled for one hour.


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