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Support Services Meeting Notes
January 9, 2006

Present: Bill Covey, Winston Harris, Brian Keith, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
  1. Carpet samples on Barbara's table - for mezzanine in Systems. Need to check on West first. We need carpeting for the front area of Systems as well, we might as well wait. Barbara says that Dale has approved the carpeting for the mezzanine.
  2. Purchasing sole source - West installation - add to PO as a change order.
  3. Screwed-up faculty and merit raises - we have to move the money, not Tigert.
  4. OPS reporting - redoing.
  5. West conference rooms - going over with Dale what equipment we want to purchase. Trudi and Brian have a least of at least $250,000 to spend on the conference rooms. Dale has approved the idea.
  6. Made sense of staff furniture - 52 workstations ready to go today - also, modesty panel for Barbara Oliver. Does not include chairs or keyboard trays. Lori is getting individual workstations for students. Dale looked at the room - colors don't work.
  7. Endowment funds - Lowes check - have agreed to have the interest invested for patron. It is not a donation, it is earned money. It will have to move by the end of June to Miscellaneous and Grants account, then figure out how to spend it.
  8. New vehicles - hybrids - 98% on the list run on gasohol, which cannot be purchased here. They left Toyota off the list. Very odd; not operational. Theoretically, we are limited to the list, unless we get an exception. We have no permission to buy one yet.
  9. Inquiry from Trudi about taking the van to Georgia for a training session. It would be cheaper and easier to rent one. State of Florida employee discount.
  1. Facilities is working on the road ramp. Space saver is coming tomorrow.
  2. Systems carpeting - Rob Roberts to get more samples. We'll select - Dale to approve. Carpet for the upstairs offices. Eventually, we will be redoing the whole building. May look for task lighting to replace the old florescent lighting in that room. Need to look at the holes in the floor. Also maybe opening the window panels for more natural lighting.
  3. Duct fan - we got the fan and built a frame. It is scheduled to be installed this morning. It sits back a bit. The on/off switch is in the kitchen, so that no one will bother it.
  4. Four chairs are arriving this morning in the periodical room. Need three for new offices. All are ergonomically correct. Have both armed and armless.
  5. Rob brings up the topic of new CPU holders that fit under the desk. He can get them for $55. Maybe use them with the new workstations? Problem with cables? Set ups all need to be consistent.
  6. Documents tables - can't do it without power poles. Dale does not want any power poles in that space. There are other ways to do it. You'd have to cut the floor. Push the tables together. It has to be done.
  7. Grout in place to fix plaza? It is part of a work order to grounds - brick work on the plaza. Marty to follow-up on it today.
  8. Fourth floor group studies in MSL done.
  9. MSL 206 - Carrie Newsome - done. Light, power, network access, walls - all complete.
  10. We are working on a review of the mail system. UPS has not been responsive. Will call the regional manager on Monday.
  11. Steve Shorb & John Ingram's teak desks - do they have them or are they in storage? Rob is trying to track all of the pieces down. Dale thinks we have it all.
  1. Who should determine the number of staff machines to be replaced with the shipment? Will or Martha? In the past, the age of the machines has determined what is replaced. Those closer to being out of warranty go first. Preliminary list: the Gateways in HSS public area. Also, check Library Office - they should all be uniform and have flat screens.
  2. Laptops for staff use - how much would it cost to put laptops in the classrooms? $2200-2500 each. There's no economy to buying cheap laptops.
  3. Plasma screens vs. projectors or smartboards - need to check into options.


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