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Support Services Meeting Notes
January 12, 2009

Present: Bill Covey, Lori Driscoll, Winston Harris, Rob Roberts, Laurie Taylor
  1. The stairwell painting seems to be done in West.
  2. Plans for the stairway and lobby of East are pending.
  3. MSL re-carpeting and painting is done. Only thing left is the furniture.
  4. Maps - they did not re-carpet under the cases. They are supposed to return and do so.
  5. Education - upholstery is pending. We have the quote. The solution for the AC problem was ceiling fans, but that won't work. Perhaps other fans.
  6. AFA - when the double section shelving got shifted during construction, they cracked some cleats.
  7. ALF - books moved and the warehouse has been organized.
  8. PO Box conversion - should be on course.
  9. Room 1A HVAC sound - can be loud. Please check on it.
  10. Wireless VOIP phone in MSL - Telecom had to replace the phone. Rob thought we leased the phone, but they charged us $600 for the replacement. Bill suggests checking with Fiscal Services to determine whether that phone was leased or owned by the Library. We do have a mixed bag.
Access Support
  1. Melissa Ware in ILL gave her last day as the end of the month. Michelle is justifying refilling the position. No obvious candidate at this point.
  2. We are planning to get together with IT to test the ILLIAD templates and mail for the AD conversion.
  3. Reserves - regular processing. We have hired a student who is really helping out a lot.
  4. Beginning of the semester copyright issue - Angela is learning the work Melissa does with it.
  5. FCLA is helping with Oak Hammock and Law delivery problems. The set up is not correct.
  6. Fines and fees - examples of testing have not been sent out. Should run on Thursday.
  1. We are trying to find out if we can get the library domain for our email. Bill says the word "library" is on an unavailable list and this will not be possible.
  2. Will has two AD Migration meetings set up for this week.
  3. Right now, the migration is set for Tuesday, January 20.
  4. Bill says the mail referral should be set up ahead of time. Everything should be going to campus exchange.
  5. Questions/discussion regarding when the servers should be migrated.
  1. Mark has the statistics for UFDC. The statistics track hits per page as well as sessions. We are trying to gather useful data.
  2. Mark - XML feed - will have more done today.
  3. Stephanie is not here this week. When she returns, she moves to MSL. Dina Benson will be taking Stephanie's workload and we are trying to hire OPS to cover what Dina was doing.
  4. Oral history project - ongoing.
  5. Air conditioning in the DLC has not been working since Friday.
  1. The Directors discussed the Cross-Divisional Meeting. We need to cut down the amount of material presented. We will still keep it as a quarterly event.
  2. Budget dreariness - no one knows what will happen. The end of the state session is this Friday. We need to think about service impacts for big cuts. Bill wants the departments to at least start thinking about what a 10% cut would look like in their area.especially in terms of how the cut would affect users of library services.
    a) Everyone cuts back hours (and salary)?
    b) Eliminate positions / programs (which ones)?
    c) Other?
  3. Rachel Schipper will start in March as the Dean of Technology & Support Services. It is assumed that Bill Covey will return to the IT Dept.


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