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Support Services Meeting Notes
January 14, 2008

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Kelley Cunningham, Erich Kesse, Rob Roberts, Grace Strawn
Business Services
  1. Nothing on the agenda.
  2. Campus taxi cab - no charge. To be used for official business only. It will go all over town. Need to schedule it two hours in advance.
  3. Campus-wide courier service is in negotiation. No charge for sorting, but $25 per hour. It is not is place yet.
  1. Proceed with the campus mail directive. It has been approved by the Library Directors. Rob is working on the PO Box assignments. Implementation date is about three months out. Will need to give folks 6-8 weeks notice.
  2. Terrazzo - Both guys were here on Friday. They will be giving us an updated estimate. They will also fix the worn stairwells in East.
  3. Lights flashing early in West - the schedule for Sunday was set to the same time as Saturday. Rob came in and reset it. There needs to be a daily checklist. Pete got the lights to set to manual.
  4. 450 East - shelving installed. It needs to be moved a bit. Rob will do it. We need to inform Turner that they did it wrong.
  5. Stairwell door holds - magnets received. Hope to have them installed soon.
  6. Music security converted. Working on AFA. Also working on getting additional power to them.
  7. Agotti - we did a general survey of the furniture and found some with missing screws, improper assembly and loose backs. We've contacted them and they should be doing something soon.
  8. Rob will be out on Friday.
  1. Kelley is creating a survey for faculty to see what their needs are for grants. She'll probably use Survey Monkey and has contacted Tom Minton.
  2. Grant Committee meeting scheduled for today.
  1. The Systems phones were malfunctioning as of Wednesday, January 2nd. Debra called Telecom, but they were not able to correct the problems. She was told it had to wait until Rosa Jackson returned on Monday, January 7th. When Debra spoke to Rosa on Monday 1/7, she was told to contact Library Facilities and have Rob Roberts submit a problem ticket with CNS Telecom. The problems were finally corrected as of Friday, January 11th.
  2. Housekeeping in East - the Physical Plant phone number on the paper towel dispenser was used to report the lack of soap in the dispensers and overall lack of cleanliness. Normal procedure should be to contact Facilities and/or Housekeeping directly.
  3. DLC SAN - it is about full already - 8TB (it has 9TB). Erich notes a lot of the newspaper material was loaded.
  4. New AV server should be up by next week. We have installed McAfee's new EPolicy orchestrator. This should solve the automatic updating problem.
  5. Status of Web server - it is running in the virtual environment. The virtual set up in MSL is not ready yet. Will is working with the rep on the licensing problem. Once the licensing problem is solved, we will have a snapshot of the Web server at MSL.
  6. The old Web server - we replaced one of the controllers and have another as a backup. Will is going to wipe it clean and do a reinstall.
  1. Barbara Oliver memorial book is coming along.
  2. Tom Odell - donor - contributed $500 to digitize a Robinson Caruso collection. He wants it 100% accurate.
  3. SAN - problem with speed when moving files. Logan is working on the problem.
  4. Backups - the SAN is replicating instantaneously, therefore it would replicate the deletes as well. Can we have incremental tape backups? The same problems would occur with the user folders. Bill wants to hold off on the synchronized backup.
  5. International Program Officer - has requested the Haitian Library Project digitized.
  6. Juvenilia - as much as possible has been loaded on the SAN and DLOC.
  7. NT12 - may be going away. DLCWeb is 7-8 years old. The new Web server has lots of space.
  8. Network Gig switches - have they been installed yet? Request has not yet been submitted to CNS, but will be soon.
  9. Caribbean Digitized Newspapers - losing money. Intend to vend them through someone else. We've received no order to cease and desist the digitizing.
  1. Massive layoffs in all levels of government - the news out of Tallahassee. We will not have any more cuts in this fiscal year. By Summer B - the start of the next fiscal - we may see cuts. Watch the primary for the amendment for property tax changes.
  2. The new Development Officer should be here in early March or mid-February.
  3. Two major retirements forthcoming: Barbara Oliver and Trudi DiTrolio.
  4. Bill is making groundwork on his blog. Directors' blogs should be out within the next ten days.


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