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Support Services Meeting Notes
January 22, 2007

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
  1. Gainesville Sun published an article today on Dale's retirement.
  2. The death of former Senator George Smathers was also in the paper over the weekend. Any money he bequeathed to the Libraries won't be seen for a while.
Business Services
  1. West convocation - all planned and ready to go. The budget is not yet done for the two meals. $400 must be paid to the musicians. The hired cleaning crew did a good job on room 100. They used Murphy Oil and cleaned and polished everything. Even the blinds have been cleaned! The window screens are filthy. Bill says we should just remove them. Barbara says not before Friday due to dust. Also, we need to definitely check behind Media Tech to be sure they have cleaned up any mess.
  2. W2 and year-end totals info - should be ready for us by January 26. Not sure how long it will take us to get them ready to be picked up by staff.
  3. Payroll discrepancies have been sent to Payroll. The majority of them are from the November/December holidays. The only problems are with ones that go back a couple of years. Most people involved have been understanding about the situation.
  4. Furniture for the sixth floor of West? Rob wants to check out the quality of the lounge chairs. Bill says to go ahead and run the rest of the order through. We need to get Biltmore to let us know when we run out of money. The furniture order is big.
  1. VOIP - trying to find out the status from Mayhue - when will they start on East?
  2. Barbara and Dale's list of things to be done in room 100: window sills, baseboards, door frosting - all done. Bill says while you're at it, take the handles off the inside doors.
  3. West carrels - Facilities to repair. The problem with the alignment has been stopped, now there is a problem with the weight of the desks. The aluminum uprights just fall out. It is a bad match of materials. We will get a hold of Infinium. Right now, those carrels are dangerous. Bad news: may have to scrap them all and go with a new vendor.
  4. External door overrides for all keys - Rob is working on it.
  5. Duct taped door in West - Biltmore is aware of it - Rob called them on Friday. If you don't hear back today, try again.
  6. Sixth floor security (card swipes) has been installed.
  7. Sixth floor furniture - will get the quote out today.
  8. Tables received - we are storing them at ALF until after Jan. 26.
  9. Carpet - we got two extra boxes free of charge.
  10. Media Tech is in room 100 today.
  11. Curtain and wall going up in room 100 tomorrow.
  12. Short-term projects for MSL - need to go over with Bill.
  13. Restroom dividers have been repaired.
  14. Biltmore and the West elevators - trying to get money back. Both Biltmore and the Libraries are getting billed for after hour maintenance on the elevators for weekend calls. The Library should only be paying the overtime labor charge. Biltmore pays everything else. The elevator people need to need to be made aware of how the agreement is set up.
  1. Media Tech is working in Room 100 today. They are installing a dual podium, screens, projector, DVD/VCR, audio-video, etc. They will absolutely be finished by Wednesday. Riser for the podium for the dinner? The setup will be wireless.
  2. IT Expert - interview Wednesday. Three viable candidates.
  3. NT16 - Will continues to troubleshoot. It is still running the printers for MSL. All the hardware has been swapped, replaced and tested. Dell thinks it's the drives, but it keeps coming back to the controller or motherboard.
  4. Backups - problematic - dailies are taking forever to run - 22 hours. Will is working on it.
  5. Master browser problem in West - unable to access NT2R - master IP - something in the way it is resolving the master browser. Will is working on it.
  6. West security video - Bruce McIntosh is checking on it.
  7. IT position description - HR says to return it at your earliest convenience.
  8. Mark Lucas - West shelving - they are unable to access it remotely. We need to go down the entire list of IPs that we gave them, ping them and let them know which ones do not work.
  1. IT Expert in HSS - closed.
  2. Systems IT Expert - one internal candidate.
  3. HR Training Room - Media Tech? They have not yet received a PO from Dell to start the work. We'll bug Dell once room 100 is complete.
  4. We currently have nine active faculty searches. We've made some direct solicitations for candidates.
  5. Moving companies for incoming faculty - there is a list of vendors from Purchasing. The incoming candidate for the CM faculty position called all the vendors, but only heard back from one. He complained to UF HR about the lack of response.
  6. Performance Management Initiative training set for tomorrow.
  7. Winston and Stephen Williams have been working on the Personnel Training Database. They did a great job. It will track in-library and on-campus training as well as who conducted the sessions. It is intuitive and handsomely done. It will really improve things. We can use it to support job requirements. It will be officially announced next week.
  1. UF has announced a ban on all smoking within 50 feet of all doorways. Enforcement is up to us.
  2. Microwave police (Facilities) to begin enforcement today.
  3. New report on higher education - back to the universal plan. Research university - undergrad - city colleges to offer four year degrees. Private money raised to pay for the consultant's report.


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