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Support Services Meeting Notes
January 23, 2006

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
  1. Lots of folks are out at ALA.
  1. When does Systems want Facilities to set up the upstairs room? The sooner, the better. Unsure about when there will be bodies in place.
  2. Duct fan is on between DLC and Cataloging & Metadata. It needs a speed control. Needs to work a bit more like a ceiling fan. All of the ducts need to be cleaned.
  3. Docs in West - workstation area - okayed. May need supplies to power tables.
  4. UPS - Facilities had a meeting with them for the review of the mail system. The UPS guy came to see what we wanted, then will fly five other people in for another meeting. Trying to coordinate domestic mailing for ILL. We're trying to get down to an exclusive carrier with the best tracking system at the best rate. Books are getting lost. Keeping in mind, of course, that it can't cost more or it won't happen. Return service? If we need to change the system, we'll make a recommendation to the Directors. Lost? Why? Unsure if this is trackable. The problem is with USPS, not UPS. Why not send everything via UPS? Costs more. USPS mail tracking does not work the way we want - cannot trace to the end point. Both offer return request. Why are we lending to people in hard-to-track places? Need to be more specific about the problem. Nothing should be sent out without return receipt. Insure? Lowest rate? Need to set a policy. ILL says we may lose the ability to borrow if we keep losing material that we are lending. Need to check with other universities to see their record with this process. Call the ILL departments of some other institutions (Georgia, Texas, NC, Alabama) and ask how they ship. What kind of delivery times? 5-7 business days. We can never get rid of UPS - some businesses require it. Going through the University mailing system causes problems. This is still an ongoing investigation. Need to be clear about what problems we're trying to solve.
  5. Maps - bricks - fixed. Plaza over Maps - concrete died. A covering has been put over the small area.
  6. Systems lights in the server room - Brad is replacing the fixtures in the server room that are suffering from heat fatigue.
  7. ALF shed - 50% done; have been working on it during the afternoons. May need to buy some items to complete.
Business Services
  1. Will be awarding the move bid to Library Design of Alachua/High Springs. Their bid was $79,000 lower than others. It should be awarded this Thursday or Friday. Opening date for West is still unknown.
  2. Have been working hard on furniture for West: Barbara Hood, Sandy, chairs and tables. The last of the staff order went out today.
  3. Delivery dates - things for West have been arriving. The 3M gates are here. Book drops have been installed. We're trying to get back to vendors and ask them not to deliver now if they can avoid it. We could always get a security-bonded warehouse for furniture, if necessary.
  4. People have been looking at the chairs - but not a whole lot. Barbara may just go ahead and order for room 308 and Trudi. Conference room - need to let Dale see what is ordered.
  5. The environmental ledger should be out in PeopleSoft this month.
  1. Security Policy - received notification last Thursday that an auditor will be checking the security policies for all IT departments. We are required to have a security policy in place as of January 2005. The plan is to cover networking, equipment, data - everything. CNS wants it written down. Bill mentions perhaps asking CNS what their policy is on router password change. We're OK - survivable/workable for the auditor.
  2. We have been updating our list of servers - locations, IPs and monthly updates. It has become a monthly task for the techs. They will make sure the servers are up-to-date on their patches. A spreadsheet has been created for this task. This is a good practice.
  3. Library West high tech areas - need specifics on the equipment to be purchased. The spreadsheet was supposed to be due today for Barbara. It is still really in the planning stages. Gary is working on a list for HSSS. Trudi's list should be considered separately. We have a meeting set up next Tuesday with Dell on their intelligent classrooms. Barbara is concerned with the bottom line. Dale is pushing her for at least ballpark estimates. We're trying to get a real idea as to what will work in the space. The laptops to loan out to students will definitely be happening. Will ask if it needs to be within a budget. Need to ask Dale to give us an amount to work with. HSSS has contacted Digital World about the 3D software they are using. Need to find out about the bandwidth requirement. We also need diagrams of the two classrooms and the advanced computer area as well as Trudi's space.
  4. Staff workstations - 30 to go out. Public - will soon start to replace old Gateways.
  1. Liaison program revamp is in the air again. Status unknown; everything is on hold. Right now, we'll have to live with the level of service we're getting. There are many subtleties involved; most departments don't want to lose their job lines.
  2. Business Services - Web pages need to be done. Will be getting together with Tom Minton.


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