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Support Services Meeting Notes
January 26, 2009

Present: Bill Covey, Lori Driscoll, Amy Polk
Access Support
  1. We have a problem with our PS3000 planetary scanner. It is not working for ILL. We have a grad student who ordered 15 oversized volumes from CRL. He needs to scan them for his research. There is a ticket in the Grover system from Janice Kahler. The problem has yet to be solved.
  2. FCLA must be working on other things, as our issues with Law and Oak Hammock delivery still exist. Wendy at FCLA is working on it.
  3. We met as a group last week to discuss work flow. We need to develop a work flow for Oak Hammock. Who would be responsible? We will have to talk to their Dean of Residence. We need to know if we should set it up as a proxy, who gets the notices, etc.
  4. We tested UFAD on one of the ILLIAD machines and it worked.
  5. We submitted the Fines & Fees document to Library Council. No feedback yet. We need to get the publicity going on it.
  6. We are meeting on Friday as a group to discuss the HSC integration.
  1. Big week ahead. Things are going smoothly. The migration to AD should happen after first log-on. We have not had problems during testing. Instructions will be sent out. Bill asks that we be sure to mention the effect on mobile devices.
  1. Wednesday morning meeting scheduled for HSC merger. Will tour the IT Dept. There are no promises of additional funding. We'll look at what we should or should not continue to do. They do have a significant IT presence. General restructure - preliminary plans by the end of the first week of February.
  2. 10% budget cut- three potential departmental sources: supplies, salary and OPS budget. We want to minimize the pain of our users. They do not want to do a furlough option with people's work hours. Full positions would have to be given up. Need to get your departmental suggestions for a 10% cut to Bill by this week. It is very possible the hit list will be publicized, as it is being insisted that Machen be forthright.


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