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Support Services Meeting Notes
January 28, 2008

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Kelley Cunningham, Brian Keith, Erich Kesse, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
Business Services
  1. W2s will be consuming most of the Business Office staff's time and effort this week. They must be postmarked by January 31st. They will not come to the office until January 30th. It will take the entire office staff to get them sorted. Individuals will be instructed to come and pick their own W2s. Any not picked up will be mailed to the address on file on January 31st.
  1. Estimated received for rebuilding the stairwells in Library East - between the 2nd and 3rd floors and the grand stairwell: $100,000. PPD will have a big bill. It is a safety issue. Need to copy Environmental Health & Safety. The long hallway is a separate issue/separate estimate: $20,000. Rob needs to forward the estimates to the Directors.
  2. Room 450 East - shelving problem - we've moved the shelving back so there is a 10ft radius. Will says that's fine, go ahead with the project.
  3. Second floor hallway in West - Hang and Ben have an issue with the 36" doors - palates would be unable to get through. It needs to be changed.
  4. Agotti will be here next week to repair the chairs. They've come up with a permanent fix.
  5. West stairwell delays installed. All are working except one.
  6. Carpet to be installed in MSL over spring break.
  7. We've talked to the decorator for the cork floor in West. We've chosen a product.
  8. Temperature control in West - 3rd floor frozen coil problem. Rob received a report from Skip that says the part has been ordered. We need to check the set points for the room sensors and contact Biltmore.
  1. Kelley is in the process of updating the Grant Management Committee's Web page. Tom Minton is helping out. He will also assist with a survey.
  2. Meeting scheduled for Friday with Stephen Williams - Systems software.
  3. Chelsea Dinsmore may withdraw her ALA grant as Seth Jerchower is listed. She could resubmit it listing Mr. Gordon - who did her last one.
  4. Erich notes that Chelsea was also applying for another grant - NEH - and the deadline is approaching. Need to ask her about it.
  1. MSL laptops and cart for charging - the cart will not charge the batteries in the laptops that we purchased. We returned the charger for modification, but they could not do it. We have a conference scheduled with GovConnection on Feb. 12. They are currently requesting permission to return the entire order. They sold us a solution and it did not work. They need to rectify the situation. They will probably swap out the laptops for ones that will work with the charger. They realize it is their mistake.
  2. Public computers migrating to Campus AD - Public Services want to convert during Summer A, not spring break. They are working on a solution for guest cards. Bill wants them to be ready to go for Summer A. Xerox printing works on Campus AD.
  3. Will and Rob are going to get together to scout for useable space at MSL to house the SAN. Will check the Xerox office area.
  1. Reorganization discussion was held last Friday at the Town Meeting. Somehow the email announcement of the event generated concerns about layoffs. Judy downplayed those rumors and presented the re-org plans.
  2. Now that Trudi is gone, HR is dealing with ergonomic requests. We will have Facilities check the set ups and then forward it on to EHS. We know what the standards should be. Rob and Brian to get together to work out a plan.
  1. A coordinator, based at FSU, was just hired. We will have a meet & greet with her on Friday morning.
  2. David Hickey is making an Asian interface for us.
  3. CRL cease & desist order - meeting about this soon.
  4. Institutional Repository - UFIR - the acronym/name is taken by another program. It needs to be renamed. Bill would like it to be: IRUF.
  5. Aerials - 2TB drives - notified NDNP - they will process.
  6. Retrospect Newspaper for Florida - Web page sent out.
  7. Calendar year-end reports are being sent out.
  8. Systems is optimizing UFDC. It appears to have memory leaks. In the code? There are software profiling tools that we should maybe purchase to trace the memory leaks. Eyeballing the code is not going to cut it.
  9. Erich is in the process of announcing his inevitable departure from the Libraries. This Friday, he will firmly say that he is probably leaving for England.
  1. Reorganization - DLC folks would like to see an action plan. Not until the Associate Deans are confirmed will the rest of the areas change. The Provost seems okay with it.
  2. Budget cuts next year will be 4% - on top of the 4% from this year. That's 8% - about $2 million. These will be programmatic cuts. Layoffs are not out of the question.
  3. Bill was out last Friday at an OPAC meeting and summit. It was for the technical services planning committee of the SUS. Bill attended as a member of the Technical Advisory group. There are differences in points of view between technical services and public services. FCLA would like open source for OPAC. Cataloging wants one OPAC for all technical and public services. 'Mango' is built on Endeca for the public services folks. Technical services don't like it. They want to control what is seen by the public. We may end up with a different product and shuck Endeca. Ex-Libris is going to be coming out with a new product and we will have to re-evaluate then, anyway.


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