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Support Services Meeting Notes
January 29, 2007

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
  1. Last week - the universal line is that all the celebration was magnificent and well-done. Everything came together and went off without a hitch. No discouraging words elicited. Room 100 has been very well-received. Speaking of, a member of the Dean Search Committee wanted to be able to view the candidate interviews from South Carolina - we are not currently able to offer that option. We've already had requests from other campus organizations to use that room. Need to know the food/drink policy so we know what to ask for the cleanup.
Business Services
  1. Final notice to the people who need to reimburse the Libraries for payroll over-pay - and there is one employee who has under-paid for eight hours. A total of about 35 people have to pay back.
  1. Dump truck outside of East - they are here to fix the raised concrete in the walkways - as reported in Verna's fall.
  2. Facilities is busy cleaning up from all the functions. We will not be having functions in that area again. The dedication was a one-time event.
  3. Furniture for the sixth floor has been ordered.
  4. Meeting with Tara Cataldo - MSL - will find out what the scope of the work will be. If it is out of Facilities' range, then we will contact campus entities.
  5. John Humphrey is out all this week. All of the settings for the East security have not been finished. Rob is working on it. Betsy Simpson has inquired about six people in her department who start work at 6AM, but would to have access to the building at 5:30AM since they arrive early to get a decent parking space. Answer to this request is: at the moment, no. Get a list to Bill of exactly who needs this access and who will be supervising.
  1. Xerox Printing - late notification on Sunday that printing would be erratic as Xerox was restarting the server after installing new driver and updates. They need to understand that they are required to give us more notification.
  2. NT 16 is now fixed. The split bus module has been replaced.
  3. Room 100 - Will was just down there with Carol Drum - everything was left unlocked from last week's festivities. The room will not be left open, but the Media Tech equipment must still be locked up. Bill, Amy, Will and Admin currently have keys. We will get a copy made for Facilities. Reservations for the room will be handled by Administration.
  4. Forms-to-mail server is going away - the programmers have re-written the application.
  5. New Systems IT Expert has been hired: Logan Clapp. Three candidates were interviewed, he was the most qualified that had customer service experience. He will start at the beginning of the next pay period.
  6. Now that NT 16 is up and running, we will reschedule the verify patron test.
  1. Payroll problem - Brian is working on it. Will let the Directors know which staff are the ones with the problem. Some are old employees and some are exempt. There's one who quit but was hired back OPS.
  2. Performance Management - All staff to receive evaluations by February 15 and should return them by March 26. Gives them about 5 weeks to get them done. Hopefully, the whole process can be done entirely through email.
  3. Two more Performance Initiative training sessions: Jan. 31 and Feb. 1.
  4. Access for East - GatorOne - Dale's husband, Marcello, is a volunteer in DLC and he needs access.
  1. General security - the door in East by Systems that faces the plaza - why not activate it? Okay, we will.
  2. Disorganized state - Dale is getting ready to go fairly soon - by the end of this week. John Ingram will be in charge.
  3. Candidates for Dean of Libraries - everyone really wants to get one of these people in the position. Won't be hired until summer, at the earliest. Ultimately, it is the Provost's Office that will do the hiring. Bill encourages all to attend the staff sessions to meet their potential boss.


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