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Support Services Meeting Notes
January 30, 2006

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
  1. Per Bill, Business Services needs to be converted to Office 2003 ASAP.
  1. Gary Cornwell is leaving. His possible emeritus status will go to vote. Helen Jane Armstrong successfully gained emeritus status. Emeritus status assures systems rights, but not PeopleSoft rights. Gary will also get reserved parking.
  2. Rob Singerman will also be leaving.
  3. Sandy Melching left. A search for her position is being initiated.
  4. Jianfeng Xia is gone. A search for the Digital Projects & Metadata Librarian is being initiated.
  5. Charles McElroy is leaving for FCLA. Search for his position is ongoing.
  6. Jeffrey Barr - his old position will eventually need to be filled.
  7. Retirees: Barbara Oliver needs to know the buyout.
  8. Helen Jane will be an adjunct instructor. She'll be OPS half time - only into April. We'll be paying her hourly.
  9. Performance Training - four of nine sessions completed. We hope between the ones we've offered and the UF ones, an acceptable time will have been offered to employees. Rating for employees will be on 5 criteria. Supervisors are also to establish goals.
  10. Constraint of space - Dell consultants to Library West: 7 max, 6 preferred. Touring the high tech areas for West. Trudi's area is separate. The idea is that Dell will come to help in designing the classrooms for West. Brian and Trudi would like to meet with one of the reps to talk prior to the tour. Per Will, the meeting/tour is scheduled for 11AM tomorrow, Tuesday, January 31. The group will meet in Systems at 11AM, then tour West and spend time afterward (1-2PM is the Systems conference room). One of the reps should be able to spare time to meet separately with Brian and Trudi.
  1. Dell tour has been organized.
  2. Toured the Digital Worlds facility on Friday. Impressive. They have offered to train our staff and teach courses on the use of the software. They are excited that we are interested in using their products. This is high tech stuff that students would not be able to afford: 3-D scanners, software, etc. How will we protect the equipment? Will the room be locked?
  3. Will received an email from Dale asking him to serve on a new committee to manage our technical resources. Rob asks that the committee look into the amount of time we could save on a long distance reader for decaling library equipment.
  4. Laptop loan outs - "everybody is doing it". Another matter to check into - how we will protect our resources.
  5. New service: BBS server is back online. It has been restored with the old data. Looks fine, just need to add the customized Smathers Library logo. Tom Minton will be working on it this week.
  1. Insurance values for Helen Sawyer: Office Concepts - $570,000. 3M - $55,000 (the gates are here, at ALF).
  2. Rob will get the dates from Marcus then send it to Bill for approval.
  3. Mickey has $300,000 or so on chairs.
  4. Need to insure what is in the building before we take control - that which is not under the contractor's insurance.
  5. Ask her how she wants it. If not part of the floor plan, then it's not part of the building.
  6. Rob has an employee who will be out 2 weeks for minor surgery. He is inquiring if it is necessary to get a doctor's excuse. More than 3 days, it does need a medical excuse. FMLA leave is usually for 15 days or more. Basically, it is a private issue. Get documentation and follow the policy. Brian will look into it.
  7. Clock budget for West - does one need to be established? Rob will send Bill an email about it and he'll check with Dale. They could be run on a powered internet cable.
  8. Trash can debate - West. Trash cans are currently half the size of the normal ones. The ones used in the bathrooms have to be large in order to try and maintain cleanliness.
  9. VOIP conversion for Education - wiring or switch upgraded? Need to know so Telecom can do the work.
  10. AFA security problems - SEMCO - said the payment had to be by Purchase Order. Security One let us use the VISA, so we went with them.
  11. The shed is almost done, except the sheet metal.
  1. Periodical shelves - What are we doing? Bringing them back, or what? Will re-discuss in two weeks. Ongoing.
  2. There are two separate library groups deciding if Microforms should go back to West. Basically we are unsure - can't decide. Last minute change is possible.
  3. Public area West - 110 new computers plus the 67 we already have. Need to guess how many computers and how many telephones will be located on each floor. CNS is getting antsy about the switch equipment for the building.
  4. Updating and revising the Policy & Procedures Web pages. Directors are revising. The highest and broadest level is pushing for it. Sonia in Library Administration is working on the Division and existing pages - getting them into the template format. Tom is working on the Policy & Procedures.
  5. PDAs - Treo 650 - recently purchased for two of the Directors. Now another has been ordered. What's the policy? Only buy them if you know they will be used. In general, we are not buying new PDAs.


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