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Support Services Meeting Notes
February 4, 2008

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Erich Kesse, Rob Roberts, Grace Strawn
Business Services
  1. All of the W2s are out. About 200 were mailed.
  2. Grace is working on a tentative budget for Judy.
  1. Stairwell door closer - 3rd floor is working. It had to be modified twice. The one on the 2nd floor is not working.
  2. Terrazzo - we're trying to get Physical Plant to pay for it all. They've agreed to pay for the steps as it is a safety issue. They did not say when they would pay/repair.
  3. Library West - sign installation this week.
  4. Agotti will also be here this week to work on chairs.
  5. Power domes - power on tables in West - got an estimate for $11 - $21,000. We need to do a circuit check and make sure the domes meet code.
  6. Stairwell and study area paint project - want to repaint using washable paint.
  7. 2nd floor West restroom hallway - the door has been changed to the modified size.
  8. MSL carpet project - to be done during spring break. We got an estimate for the range movement.
  9. West floor replacement will not happen over spring break.
  10. Rob checked the Xerox room in MSL for the possible relocation of servers. Xerox has four rooms over there. He is still looking into it. The room with the coolest temperature would be best.
  11. Mail conversion - how to proceed given the upcoming reorganization? Just assign PO numbers based on how people are currently organized.
  12. Courier service is still under negotiation.
  13. New color copier contract is up in May - they want to replace it. It does not make sense to replace rather than re-lease. We need to look at the paperwork for further information.
  1. We plan to turn on server-side includes this week. Bill warns that the security issues are at least as big as the ones with FrontPage extensions. We need to really check on it to make sure everything has been assessed and covered.
  2. AD public print demo is scheduled for Feb. 6th.
  3. Cynthia was successful in slipstreaming - created a CD to use when installing OS that has all of the MS updates and patches. We'll create a new one each month. Bill thinks we may need to do it even more frequently, depending on patch releases. Systems must make the master CD.
  4. Quote for Replistor licenses - $13,000 - pass it along to Business Services. If there are any other big purchases upcoming - anything coming out of warranty - need to consider purchasing.
  1. CopiBook maintenance contract just came in. If it looks reasonable, Erich will pass it along.
  2. DLC coordinator - meeting last week.
  3. Ephemeral Cities report due.
  4. Mini-grants are all on target.
  5. David Hickey - gave us everything to release the Asian collection.
  6. Stephanie is at a meeting discussing the Aymara Project. They'd like us to digitize documents and feed it to Howard Beck's group. There would be no cost to us - it would be their grant.
  7. Bryant - migration of Bryant to UFDC - we need to pay someone to manage the project. Everyone in DLC is booked up.
  1. Two faculty searches are ongoing: Database Maintenance Librarian and Electronic Resource Librarian.
  2. There is also a search for a Director of Development who would answer to Sam Huang (due to start Feb. 20).
  3. The two Associate Dean positions and the Senior Grants position - searches will start soon.
  4. Searches for the head of West and the head of MSL will be advertised in March.
  5. Head of Technical Services - how to play that position to the market? Need to get going on this as well.
  6. Grace Strawn has been promoted to Accounting Coordinator.


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