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Support Services Meeting Notes
February 5, 2007

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
Business Services
  1. Took all letters out of back pay. Everyone seems fine about it. Some have not responded.
  2. Getting orders out.
  1. Wall to hide dumpsters? Where are they? Reportedly, the wind blew the gate off its hinges. PPD picked up the gate. We are waiting for them return it. We are assuming they will replace it. Need to get an ETA.
  2. East 419 layout - tables and chairs to be set up for Liaison Training. Looking at a projection screen.
  3. Brass grills for air returns in Room 100 East.
  4. Corian sills - Room 100 - measuring. Want them to install one so we can have everyone agree on it, and then we'll run the order. Try Home Depot as well as Lowes.
  5. Tables to be installed in Room 100 on Wednesday. All department heads should have front door access to the room.
  6. Folding walls in Room 100 - they are not efficient for the whole room. They only open to 120 degrees, not 180. Facilities can work on them and make them straight. Rob will do a mock-up on one to see if everyone likes it.
  7. Riser contractor - tied up right now, but will come ASAP.
  8. Blinds for 2nd floor West - we got the PO - should go up this week or next.
  9. Carrel modifications - Infinium and Bahar are hashing out the concept of "normal use". We are waiting for the outcome.
  10. MSL - 2nd floor - reading area modifications - moving shelving - need furniture - maybe bean bags. Electrical contractor required. Painting and carpeting estimates are not back yet.
  11. Sidewalk repair - south side of East has not been done yet. Will spray paint it orange until it's repaired.
  12. Locks on Ref cabinets - PO received, just need to designate lockable area for West.
  1. Security cameras? Still in CNS' s ballpark. They are checking to see why it won't communicate. Bill says the situation will escalate tomorrow if it does not get done.
  2. MS patch - daylight savings time adjustments - daylight savings changes will require quite a bit of updating and double checking to be sure that everything is working correctly. Specifically mentioned are previously scheduled meetings - may not adjust times. We will send out announcements when the patches are available.
  3. Verify-Patron failover test this Wednesday, February 7.
  4. East Room 100 - reserved by Misty, key to the podium - Systems.
  5. Waiting to get the go-ahead for the purchase of new PCs to replace out-of-warranties. Bill says to go ahead and get quotes.
  1. Flow of interim positions and associate stipends - line money is all in the works. Most have been approved. Latest in the trend: Interim Associate Chair of Special Area Studies - Richard Phillips, Interim Head of CM Services - Shelley Arlen. Out of five Directors, only one is currently permanent - Carol Turner. Judaica is looking for a Director - Yael wants out. Helen Jane Armstrong to be hired back on a mini-grant.
  2. Nancy Williams - they want to replace her line. Jason Fleming has a new unit - new department within Technical Services - wants it to be observed in PeopleSoft. Want the changes to be made to the payroll approver roles.
  3. Town Meeting February 7 will be discussing employee recognition. MSL 107. In the future, will probably move to Room 100.
  4. Budget and Savings training - personal finance. A financial advisor will conduct the training on Feb. 13, 9-11AM Lib West room 419.
  5. Feb. 8 - Performance Management Training (last one).
  6. Feb. 15 - 10-11:30AM - fire extinguisher training.
  7. Brian will serve another year on the UFCC, per John Ingram's request.
  8. Market Equity - October 27 agreement between UF Faculty/Union/Administration - 1.5% merit raise. It captures a long-standing practice: exact language and policy of merit increase for faculty - ARL stats is one. Also, increased responsibilities. Low and behold, the faculty misinterpreted - they did not honor the intent of the negotiations. UF is shocked. It was sent up as a way to request a raise if they are underpaid. It does not spell out how it is funded. The Faculty Union website has a scan of the agreement.


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