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Support Services Meeting Notes
February 6, 2006

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
  1. The Directors toured Digital Worlds on Friday. We're waiting to hear what sum of money will be available for the project.
  1. Will talked to Colleen about RefExpress. They were ready to give up and do it manually. Will suggested restoring it to a Windows 2003 server to see if it works any better.
  2. Education - request for additional workstations. They want to keep a few of the old machines. The request would have to be justified. Our policy is and has been to replace old computers.
  3. Counts for West public machines - Bill needs the numbers for CNS.
  4. Docutek - we're trying to open it up so outlying people can use private IPs to get in. It should be working with private IP, but people are having trouble accessing FCLA and ERES databases. Rich is looking into it.
  1. John Humphrey is out this week.
  2. Colleen has requested that we clean the shelving tracks on the compact shelving in room 1. Rob sent a work order to PPD to have it done. He asked that they start in room one and word their way up to LAC, hitting all of the compact shelving units along the way.
  3. Duct fan - need to confer with Bill about the installation of the motor control.
  4. Insurance values - need Bill's approval. Barbara will notify her and get it on the books.
  5. Small roof leak reported in Education. No report of leak in Maps where the repair was done - it must be holding.
  6. Problem with the vents in room 200 - has been reported. PPD came around and checked it out. Air is still not circulating. Need to check on status.
  1. All W2's have been released. Box 14 - universal catch-all. No one was missing a W2. 35,000 W2's were generated. That makes UF the largest component of the state employment pool - and we're the second largest OPS employer among the universities.
  2. Helen Jane Armstrong's OPS faculty appointment came through. Barbara will move money to cover her hourly wages.
  3. Handling of paychecks - we are in compliance with University policy - no one is holding on to paychecks. We do actually get the physical, paper paycheck for new hires for the first month until their direct-deposit goes through.
  4. Two new PeopleSoft initiatives: E-path - training for HR to initiate new people properly and a new interface to replace the current recruiting mechanism.
  5. Staff searches ongoing for faculty.
  6. Dell - Trudi and Brian had their meeting. Trudi is waiting to approve their recommendation, just need a price. Will probably run over $75,000. Dale agreed to 6 stacking, 24 resting chairs for that room. We need the electronics: smart board, computers, etc. Trudi is the contact on the Dell side. She is waiting for a quote. Dale has OK'd it.
Business Services
  1. Talked with the VP about reports in Bridges. He was able to get out a report that Business Services never could. Bridges was also unable to produce the report. Quite the quandary. Sounds like a permissions problem. All of the buttons are workable, but they do not function. It is not on Enterprise reporting. For the rest of this year, it will have to be done manually. It needs to be online by next fiscal year. Oracle is probably going to redo PeopleSoft, anyways.
  2. John Watson in CLAS is working on this for the Registrar. Machen took all of returned overhead from CLAS and other departments. He took #1 Katrina funds from the Library. #2 - OPS. We're running short on money - trying to figure out money reserved for the move and get more for book funds.
  3. Barbara has an employee that will be out for two weeks. Barbara has some questions about the sick leave pool. Brian is going to look into it. In the meantime, Barbara will cover the cashier work.
  1. Better management statistics to go with better management procedures - working on it.
  2. RS - employee hours, etc. discussed.
  3. Multiple problems on money - we do not want to hire anyone as Stadium OPS. Should violently discourage that practice.
  4. Dale - we need serious money in the book budget. Faculty senate is supposed to respond.
  5. Need the Library policies updated on the Library Web site.
  6. Directions for Digital stuff - resource intensive. Need to spend time on it.
  7. Provost reorganization - mandating a CIO? Hot topic. No positive response. UF IT is seen as dangerously de-centralized. To centralize it, you'd have to get an outsider. Diseconomy of scales. Two prior attempts have failed.
  8. Will's chairs have been ordered.


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