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Support Services Meeting Notes
February 9, 2009

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Lori Driscoll, Rob Roberts, Laurie Taylor
  1. Bill Hanssen will be out for 10 days. He is getting married.
Access Support
  1. $11,600 spent on international shipping. That is problematic in this time of budgetary crisis.
  2. Last Friday, Lori met with HSC folks to discuss Circulation policies. They have another meeting scheduled for this Friday. They have compared policies and discussed how to mesh them. Also discussed special categories and special patrons. This is a good opportunity to look at everyone's permissions. There is a lot of sensitivity to change.
  1. The Smathers Library IT-HSC IT merge discussions have proved problematic. They have yet to send us a list of their functions or servers.
  2. Our IT needs to provide HSC with a list of our servers and functions as well.
  1. Budget crisis - rumors that the cuts could be 12-15% instead of 10%.
  2. Lori provided an in-depth analysis of the consequences due to the reduction of an employee.
  3. Programmatic cuts - dollar value and its effect elsewhere - ripple effects - projected to other domains.
  4. There is a Town Hall meeting scheduled to discuss the budget. It will be a general presentation.
  5. Book budget vs. people - materials are usually restored faster than people.
  6. If FCLA has to reduced its staff, there could be an enormous loss of resources.
  7. Smathers Libraries budgetary cuts do not include HSC.
  8. Discussion of "bumping" (position dislocation). Bill notes the HR website has info on this practice.


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