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Support Services Meeting Notes
February 11, 2008

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Kelley Cunningham, Brian Keith, Erich Kesse, Rob Roberts
  1. Bat in the building - MSL or West? Rob doesn't have the details, but it was removed.
  2. Terrazzo repair - estimate sent to Harold in PPD to see if they will pay. There are three areas needing work: stairwells, front lobby area and first floor. The standard method of operation for PPD is that if it needs to be done, they'll do it. If you want it to be done, you have to do it. We are awaiting their response.
  3. Security work - should start this week at MSL.
  4. West - 2nd and 3rd floor door holds are working.
  5. Bean bags - back on the agenda, according to Reference. They have a bean bag out in the public area on a trial basis. It is washable. Henry (custodial staff) said that they could clean it once a week. Does he know there could be up to a dozen? He said okay. Bill instructs that this plan needs a broader consensus.
  6. Room 450 East - Archives - the two rooms that we decided not to purchase shelving for, planned to use what we have in stock - will not work, the area is too deep. Need to price out new shelves.
  7. West - closers on the first floor are being adjusted. We have control of the horn.
  8. Range moving quote for MSL - $6000.
  9. UF is planning to discontinue small garbage bags. We've sent up our feelings of displeasure about this policy through the appropriate channels.
  10. Rob Roberts and Bill Hanssen will be out of the office on Friday & Monday.
  1. Chelsea Dinsmore received the $5000 grant.
  2. Kelley spoke with Laurie Taylor and she is not applying for the grant.
  3. Stephen Williams is working on the grants database - cleaning up duplicates and working on a new feature. Should be up in February.
  4. Grant Management Committee meeting today.
  5. Kelley is working on the spring newsletter.
  6. Need new members and chair for the Grant Management Committee.
  7. Tom Minton is helping Kelley with the Grant Web site.
  1. Greenstone production is down - every six months or so we have to reinstall the software. This is the third time it has happened. Bill feels that there is something wrong with the way this is being handled. Must be something wrong with the way it is being installed. Systems needs to look seriously at the matter to find out why it keeps crashing.
  2. GovConnection meeting is scheduled for tomorrow at 3PM. The quotes Will received for Replistor are only good until January 19. That needs to be corrected.
  1. Reorganization - suddenly, more rush jobs coming out of EReserves.
  2. Mini-grants are on track.
  3. DLOC training in Venezuela next week - both Lourdes and Mark will be out.
  4. USF and the Haitian library will move to DLOC.
  5. FCLA SID Server is dying.
  6. Herbarium images are going to UFDC. They are talking about getting their own JPEG2K server.
  7. There's another issue with FCLA and that is FDA. Apparently the large image sets that we sent to them are just sitting there waiting for new FDA software. They need to get on it and archive them.
  8. Judy emailed Google about digitizing LAC and Baldwin. She also has a list of project responsibilities for Collection Management.
  1. Electronic Reserves Librarian - search closed at the end of January - waiting to hear from the committee.
  2. Searches - MSL, Rare Books.forthcoming.
  3. Working on position description for Senior Grants Officer.
  4. Stack Maintenance Personnel for Special Collections - no PD.
  5. We're working on a special project to crunch the numbers for the LibQual survey. There was space on the survey for comments, so that needs to be tallied. We're going to get an OPS worker to the special tracking project. We have a HSSS OPS person in mind. Grace and Brian are trying to determine how to track a special project as an OPS budget item.
  6. OPS Budget Reporting meeting is scheduled for today and again on Wednesday.
  7. Journal Club meeting this Thursday at 1PM. We will be discussing faculty recruitment on MLS background.
  8. Faculty Assembly meeting today and again next Monday. Topic at hand is the reorganization.
  9. Brian is now the head of Business Services.
  1. The reorganization is consuming lots of time and energy. There was an inflammatory post on the blog over the weekend. It was really more of an attack on specific people than anything to do with reorg. The comment has been removed. Unfortunately, that can be the nature of anonymous blog posting.
  2. LibQual discussion at the Directors Meeting - the revelations of the LibQual survey need to be disseminated. It will be given to 2-3 different groups. This was a self-selected survey. It is just what the people who responded to the survey think. There are no specific policy recommendations. Rather, it is more of a thermometer reading. The gap between what we want to be and what we are is as big as it was four years ago. Faculty expectation did not give us a direction to go. We will get it started via email and conversations with departments.


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