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Support Services Meeting Notes
February 12, 2007

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
  1. Barbara leaves today for vacation. Back in about 1 weeks. Next Monday Sonia will attend this meeting as Grace will be out as well.
  2. Security meeting this morning - we are looking into hiring a local security firm to provide assistance during closing (East & West) and for general hooliganism. We may expand this to the other branches if needed.
  3. Everyone who owed money back to payroll has signed - once we know when they'll be deducted the money - they will be advised.
  4. Supervisor training again for payroll - HR staff to host.
  5. We had a peculiarity in payroll - they were trying to put in time for a student that is not employed by the Libraries.
  6. We started a survey of departments for equipment on insurance contracts/maintenance.
  7. Freezer in Preservation - now under contract with a local vendor.
  8. Order for shelves? Rob talked to the Lowes guy twice - no reply - he is now off the list.
  9. Brass grids (registers) have been ordered for rm 100 E.
  10. Order for the upstairs of West has been sent to Bahar.
  11. Need to send them the elevator bills as well.
  12. Infinium - suggested covering the tops of the carrels with mesh wiring (that will meet fire code) to solve ongoing carrel "behavior problems". No specs yet on the mesh.
  1. Elevator problems - software troubles - they are here fixing it.
  2. New paper towel dispensers and soap in the Library bathrooms. The paper towels are less likely to clog up the toilets.
  3. East 419 needs a portable projector for Liaison Training. Rob will go ahead and purchase one.
  4. Tables for room 100 - to be delivered this week.
  5. The front doors to room 100 have been frosted.
  6. They've started sanding the raised sidewalk outside of the south door in East.
  7. Changing tables will be installed in the men's and women's bathrooms in Libraries East and West.
  8. We are also looking at getting AED (automatic electronic defibrillator). We're trying to get the requirements changed so people trained in CPR aren't necessary.
  9. Carl VanNess - wants to purchase shelving for room 450 East. Needs it for newspaper storage.
  10. Book drop signs - a piece of metal laminate peeled off and tore a student's clothing.
  11. MSL & Ed have a request in to have shelving removed. We're trying to get Turner to do it.
  12. ALF - fire citation issue - the state fire marshal was out there on Friday - he says there is only one location that is in violation. Use his name and let UPD know.
  13. Should get to the folding wall for room 100 this week.
  1. West video - security - Bruce McIntosh at CNS - they want the cameras on the same IP range as the server. Will suggested what the IP for the cameras should be, but has not received any reply. Right now, we are just trying to get West hooked up. After, we can add MSL, etc.
  2. Verify Patron test went well. NT4 failover was successful.
  3. West media project - Feb. 23 - Media Tech is scheduled. Will notified folks trying to reserve the rooms at that time. The rooms they will be working on are: West 229, 419, Ref desk and presentation area. Leilani & Marilyn have been notified.
  4. Campus is offering VISTA training for IT staff. We'll send those in our staff that want to attend. When will the Libraries convert? Probably during the spring or summer break. If we order new machines, we'll probably get them with XP instead of VISTA, and then push the VISTA all at once. Amy and Logan have it installed. It will require more memory in older machines. The push for campus AD is another reason to convert.
  1. New Romance Librarian - Matthew Loving.
  2. New IT Expert for HSSS - Evan Wack.
  3. Admin support position - still looking.
  4. Technical Support Instructional Librarian - to report to Jason Fleming - will work with FCLA and write macros.
  5. Payroll issues - Kristy is drafting a tutorial for employees: exempt, non-exempt and new hires.
  6. New faculty survey coming out from Machen - it will contain reminders as to the great things UF has done this year.
  1. DLC is now going to be a part of the Support Services Division.
  2. Tom Minton will be added back into the Systems Department.
  3. There is a push to hire a new Director from the recent group of interviewees. Can't be 100% sure an offer would be accepted.


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