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Support Services Meeting Notes
February 13, 2006

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Rob Roberts, Grace Strawn
  1. The anti-virus on one part of the Exchange server will not update. One leg of the clustered server is not working. If it were to fail over to it, it would not be updated. Will is working on this today.
  2. News from WebCT - the fix is to fall back to a previous version of Sun Java (1.5). We've received two certificates for Java updates and they have been passed along to the Public Service folks. They have to go in and change each public machine by hand. While they are at each machine, we are asking them to change the name of the public machines by putting a 'P' in front of the WSID - that way we will be able to identify the public workstations, facilitating troubleshooting.
  3. ALEPH print daemons - need MS version of Java. It does work with WIN XP.
  4. USB ports on monitors in public area - Public Services want to make them hot. If we do make them hot, it should be with extension cables, not directly to the monitors.
  1. Russ is out for two days.
  2. John Humphrey is back.
  3. Lacy is on the step cleaning.
  4. Go-ahead given for duct cleaning in Smathers. Flo reported dirt from the vent in the second floor lobby. Will add the problem in Systems to that work order as well.
  5. Rob reports that Lori is asking about a cabinet for keys. We are going to have 40 lockers and carrels. It will be a totally new keying system. Rob will also need a cabinet for the keys to be kept in their area.
  6. CNS - batch numbers for phones. Handsets can be ordered.
  7. The state came up with the policy that work cell phones can be used for personal matters. If someone goes over the limit, they can pay the difference. The difference will have to be paid in cash - no checks.
Business Services
  1. Waiting on price quotes - chairs for Lori and the nesting chairs for Trudi's teaching classroom.
  2. Book trucks - the Library mandates that we use Griffin, but Dale says to go ahead and order what Lori wants. Some pretty junky book trucks have been ordered in the past. We need to order quality wood ones. ALF swallowed up a lot of the book trucks and book ends that we used to have in the old Library West. Now we need to buy new ones to be used in the new building.
  3. Grace to meet with Winston to discuss categories in ILLIAD. Dolapo has a request in SYSHELP to get PeopleSoft permissions added so she is able to revise the ILLIAD report.
  1. PeopleSoft - TEAMS & USPS - digitized form like the last evaluation - advised to print the screen. Daily active employee report - they are still trying to figure it out.
  2. Evaluation training - 27 training sessions have been held at UF - 9 of them have been at the Library. Be on the lookout for more mandatory training dates to come.
  3. Business Services staff member with health issues - sick leave pool has to be added during open enrollment in October like everything else.
  4. People are anxiously awaiting the update of Policies and Procedures on the Library HR Web site.
  5. P-Card authorization issue with a staff member in HR - need to get it resolved.
  6. HR is getting a few W2 questions - box 14 - pre-tax payroll deductions for benefits.
  7. Faculty Senate nominations - faculty meeting being held today for faculty governance.
  8. Hiring people continues.
  1. IT - campus-wide reorganization. Basically, it is an attempt to centralize all campus Information Technology under one CIO: Web, email, backups - and, no charge for wall plate service. Money will come from the top. We would still have specialty servers such as ILLIAD and Docutek. This would be centrally managed security. This will have a profound effect on everyone. There is currently a shortfall due to PeopleSoft. Administration is combining with academics to try and resolve the money problem. Need to look at IT salaries. There will be layoffs, outsourcing and re-training. This is quite a bombshell. If our HR department hears anymore information, we ask that they let us know.
  2. $55,000 in carry-forward to be moved over - Grace got the message. She is looking into it. Need it to pay a bill.
  3. New building (West) - an ever-increasing parade of people want to know about it. Bill and John were interviewed by a video crew last week.
  4. Café- 500 square feet. It will be a Starbucks affiliate.
  5. Opening date - Dale told the faculty June 1. It is still on the books as May 26 for substantial completion.
  6. Walnut tables - asked Marcus, he said after tomorrow they could be moved. The need to moved out of the shop to make room.


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