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Support Services Meeting Notes
February 16, 2009

Present: Logan Clapp, Bill Covey, Michelle Foss, Rob Roberts, Laurie Taylor
  1. Escalator - they are cleaning it today and the glass replacement panel has just arrived.
  2. George A. Smathers - portrait & bust - trying to decide where they should be displayed. The bust will most likely go in the West foyer.
  3. Hough Hall - outages scheduled. Should not affect Library East too much. Rob will send out notification.
  4. Harold looked at Library West at night to survey the lighting situation. He said it was noticeably improved, although the stairwells were still very brightly lighted.
  5. MSL - two rooms have not been painted yet: lounge and Maps office.
  6. Brad and Rob moved half of the MSL reference desk. They will move the other half this week. They are reinstalling it downstairs, getting it painted, etc.
  7. Furniture PO's have been requested. Office chairs and stools for MSL.
  8. Incident report this weekend out of West.
Access Support
  1. Lori and Angela are both out sick.
  2. Campus delivery is ready for a soft launch of the Law Library. No reply from Wendy in FCLA on this - Michelle will email her.
  3. Reserves - Infrastructure Council - IT action sent to Machen for review.
  4. Course Management System - looking at four different vendors. Vendor presentations and IT follow-up. Platform should be decided upon by the end of March.
  1. Migration cleanup ongoing. Working on security groups, shared calendars and mailboxes.
  2. Ariel/Odyssey issues are ongoing. Ariel reinstalls seem to solve the problem.
  3. #UFLIB set as default in the Global Address Book - it does not hold the default. Logan to check into it.
  1. We're doing pretty well now, post AD migration. We still have some ports that we need activated.
  2. NDNP newspaper project - need 20,000 more files even though the project is done.
  3. Everglades project to start soon.
  4. FCLA is fixing Endeca stuff.
  5. Laptop case - emitting static electricity. May need to put a long mat down on the floor. Bill would like a demo of the electrocution hazard arranged.
  1. HSC-Smathers - no longer to be referred to as a merge. It shall forevermore be known as an: integration. There have been three meetings on this subject; two were self-contained. One, not so much. HSC finds it problematic. Digitization and Facilities are not a problem, but IT is proving difficult. We have finally agreed on a preliminary report. Wallace and Judy are scheduled to meet tomorrow.
  2. Budget cuts - rumors it could be larger - 12-15%. Depends on the President's stimulus package. Education funds may be earmarked for K-12 only. At the moment, we are publicizing who may be affected. This is in flux as of Friday morning. It will be discussed at the Town Meeting. HSC cuts are not a part of our budget cuts.


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