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Support Services Division Meeting
February 18, 2008
Library West Admin Conference Room, 557

Present: Bill Covey, Kelley Cunningham, Brian Keith, Erich Kesse, Will Chaney
Absent: Debra Fetzer, Rob Roberts
Scribe: Amanda Humphries
  1. Stephanie Haas is considering applying for an LSTA Grant in support of the third phase of the Aerials project.
  2. The Grants Management Committee Spring Newsletter was sent out this morning.
  3. The Grants Google Calendar has been imbedded. Kelley is still working on adding Calendar appointments.
  4. The Grants Database will be receiving updates over the next few months.
  5. Kelley will follow up with Chelsea Dinsmore about the next phase of her NEH Grant.
  6. The Mini-Grant Mid-Year Status Report is due at the end of March 2008.
  1. Marston has experienced a set-back with their public laptop computer batteries. The replacement batteries should arrive today.
  2. Will is waiting for a go-ahead from Rob regarding the Marston SAN relocation.
  3. The blog policy is almost ready for review and revision. There is an open debate on whether to allow open accounts or restrict accounts to Systems set-up only. Will is researching a way to link to UF Security.
  4. The UF Exchange Advisory Committee meeting time is 3pm.
Digital Library Center:
  1. The Copybook Maintenance Contract are out of warranty and due for a update. One of the machines had a faulty power supply. A replacement power supply has been ordered.
  2. There are two people in Venezuela going through DLOC training.
  3. DLC is conducting a test of ETD dissemination from the Florida Digital Archives. It is intended to predict how difficult it would be to directly ingest ETDs. It should be resolved by the end of the week.
  4. Bryant is being duplicated from FCLA servers to DLC servers. A copy will remain in both places.
  5. Erich plans to request permission from NEH to use remaining Grant funds to purchase several large drives for NDNP. The grant deadline is at the end of March 2008.
Business Services/Human Resources:
  1. The Faculty Recruitment Committee will be sending out surveys over the next few weeks. There will be a Town Meeting regarding this committee on February 28th at 1pm-2:30pm.
  2. The Joint Administration and Faculty Assembly Committee on Library Reorganization will begin conducting meetings tomorrow.
  3. There is a tentative meeting on February 29th for tenured librarians regarding tenure homes. There has been no official announcement yet.
  4. HR is working on the direct deposit policy. Currently, all TEAMS employees are required to set up direct deposit pre-hire. New Hire Employees who cannot acquire a bank account will be provided with one through Wachovia. This development was a result of the Cost Reduction and Efficiency Task Force. The goal is to reduce paper waste associated with paper-based paychecks.
  5. Grace and Brian will meet today regarding OPS Reporting. They are attempting to obtain an Exceptions Report for Payroll.
  6. There are currently three active searches: Database Maintenance Librarian, Development Officer, and Senior Grants position.
  7. Staff evaluations will take place in March. There will be two Performance Management Initiative training sessions beforehand.
  8. The new Director of Development, Samual Huang, will arrive on February 20.
Bill Covey reports:
  1. There have been two incidents in Library West involving students writing on classroom walls with dry-erase dust. Solutions are being examined.
  2. There have been a few incidents in which trespassers are being caught off-grounds. UPD Warning posters will continue to be posted as needed.
  3. There is no progress on the MSL plaza repairs.
  4. There has been no update on the Storage Facility. Dean Russell will accompany Provost Fouke to Tallahassee.
  5. There has been no additional word on the budget. As it now stands, there are to be no further cuts this year. Anticipated cuts for next year equal those of this past year.
  6. New Library West furniture is now on hold, due to budget concerns.
  7. The TAG DISC Group has not been fully appointed. CSUL has issued a charge for the Group.

Meeting adjourned.


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