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Support Services Meeting Notes
February 19, 2007

Present: Sonia Coleman, Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Rob Roberts
Business Services
  1. OPS reports are current - will be put on the Web.
  2. Grace is working with DSR to resolve the cost share corrections on grants. Bill would like more info on this topic.
  3. We are looking into accounting programs for more accurate reporting. HSC uses ACCESS. Bill feels that ACCESS is troublesome when used by multiple people. We should be using the SQL server. Bill has suggested some commercial products for us to check out.
  4. Working on work flows to ascertain the status of the payroll position - half or full time.
  1. Window sills in Room 100 East - need to select the color and get them ordered.
  2. Mock-ups - contractor would like us to pay half up front - can we do that on credit card? If it is charged for materials.
  3. The table installation for West upstairs did not happen on Friday. John deleted their access and so they were unable to get into the building over the weekend. They are supposed to be here today.
  4. Duct cleaning in East to start today. Right now they are doing the room between the 2nd and 3rd floors.
  5. Questions on East room 450 Special Collections - storage area. They would like to remove the temporary walls that have been there for a while - yes, that's fine. Might be a good time to carpet while we're in there - yes, good idea. They will need blinds installed to prevent damage to the materials - yes.
  6. Blinds for West should be installed today.
  7. Name signs - Rob Roberts brought some samples to the meeting - slide-in name signs for the interface office doors in West. Want to get uniform signs in place.
  8. Glass in doors in West - we are trying to devise a policy - either nothing can be put up to cover the glass in office doors and/or we'll consider frosted glass or vinyl overlay.
  9. Glare on the ADA platform - Rob has something to spray on it to alleviate the glare.
  10. Dumpster gates - they were sent back to the contractor to make new ones.
  11. Media Tech is on site. Rob brought them around to the rooms they needed access to this morning.
  12. Brian - Rob is requesting to take some tasks off his schedule. We are currently doing withdrawals - we'd like to talk to Physical Plant and get Clinton to take them to ALEPH to put them in the recycle out there. Bill is fine with it. May want to speak to Lori.
  13. Mail front -Bill to propose to LC a mail redirection log - everyone that gets mail should keep a log book of mail that is misdirected to their department and they have to redirect to another location. Only things clearly marked.
  1. Media Tech - working on room 229 West at the moment. They told Will that cut out in the Ref desk is too small for the 42" panel, it may have to stick out - that's okay. They are also going to look at the Education Library - we want to put in a new training room. We may leave Dell out of that and go straight with Media Tech.
  2. Will received the statement of work for room 100 - about $9000.
  3. West video for security cameras - CNS came over and realized we did have enough fiber. Once the router is configured, it should be okay to get Security One over here to get it running. They've been given the IP addresses.
  4. Daylight Savings Time - we are making sure all the servers have updates. There is a separate update for PDA's. Exchange has to be patched and then each mailbox.
  5. Xerox - they no longer have a PC technician - (Krissy did not work out). For now, the copier technician is taking care of the print release stations. Printing is working. PDF issue - it prints PDFs, but doesn't always charge. We will continue to look for a fix. The Equitrax guy is coming to patch the server - maybe that will help.
  6. New staff workstations - have the quote from Dell - need to make some changes. It will run just over $200,000 - $1200 a pop. Bill says to put it on hold for a bit - now that we are moving to ALEPH v.18, there are requests that we move to bigger monitors - need to get quotes for 19"-21" monitors.
  7. DLC is a part of this order - 35 machines. They have four set-ups with dual monitors. They are okay with 17" monitors. Still need to wait on the quote.
  8. Replacement for NT2R? Bill says to spec it out and get it in the queue.
  9. DLC will start coming to these meetings in March.
  10. New machines for public? 200 are about to go out-of-warranty.
  11. VISTA? All the staff machines that are testing it are reporting sluggish performance. 2G RAM is recommended. We will upgrade the test machines and see how they perform.
  12. Joining the Campus AD Tree by this fall - do we have to be on VISTA? Will hasn't heard anything to that effect.
  1. Barry Hartigan is retiring. That opens up another Faculty Search - for an Engineering Librarian.
  2. Tara Cataldo's position has been modified - she will be an interim chair. Org chart in revision.
  3. Tech Support Librarian - Shelley is working on it with Systems. The search committee needs a Systems rep.
  4. Direct Deposit - HR Forum - UF creates 1800 checks per payroll. New fix: no paper checks without the person having a Direct Deposit application submitted.
  5. Payroll - online tutorial for entering and approving time - created by Kristy Mills - Brian will send us a link to troubleshoot it for end users before he makes an official announcement.
  6. Performance Management Initiative - evaluations are coming out next week - finalizing data in the Green Monster. Do we have to submit a signed position description each evaluation period? Yes, at the moment. The concept may go before the Directors.
  7. Library Faculty Assembly - today at 3PM - market equity will be a topic - our faculty is working on it - it's at their governance.
  8. Reclass - mappings for Library-specific jobs - need to finish up on the Systems piece. We have a mapping for associates and assistants. Educational credentials - compensable factors - longevity of employment - all to be considered. We need data from the Stadium. We will have to figure out a way to phase in the monetary compensation.
  1. Sometime, before the end of the week, we should be getting an update - official announcement - regarding the Dean of the Libraries search.


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