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Support Services Meeting Notes
February 23, 2009

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Lori Driscoll, Rob Roberts, Laurie Taylor
  1. The electronic strike failed to lock on the East south exit door. The guard caught it. It was caused by debris in the door. We do need to order spare locks.
  2. We also need to order other door parts from Lenel. Bids have to go through Purchasing.
  3. Architects meeting scheduled for Tuesday, 2/24, 3:30PM.
  4. Painting - Maps lounge has not been done yet. Rob is going to go to Harold about it. We have quotes for the paint.
Access Support
  1. IT-related problem: ILL and Reserves does not have access to departmental folders. Grover ticket #30092.
  2. Print daemon complaints - suspect it is not working. Need to have Jason Fleming check it out.
  3. Wendy is still working on moving everything on the test for Law. It is still not ready. Get Jason to get in touch with her.
  4. Judy talked to Bora in the Senate about the $35 replacement fee. Will include it as an info item. Will also include the shorter schedule of the fine. As an info item, it does not have to be voted upon by the Senate.
  5. SUL-ILL - working on a consortium discount.
  6. Self-check machine - how much is it used? As of September, maybe 30% of items attempted. How many were successful? Will ask MSL and West for the numbers.
  1. Logan is working on DLC SCSI quotes.
  2. Education IP changes - scheduled for spring.
  3. ALEPH print daemon issues - multiple print daemons with email addresses changed? Education and Music are problematic. West can send out. Need to compare the configuration. Will check with FCLA to see if the files are being picked up. Could ask HSC if they are having trouble.
  1. Harn shoot that was supposed to happen today did not. Maybe because it was too cold?
  2. Drives sent to ENP - they said the drives did not validate. Laurie has scheduled a call with them to discuss the matter.
  1. Machen - confused by the legislature. Funding may be for K-12, not Universities. We got handed out another month. Shuffling around to not spend money and minimize the rebuilding of budget cuts. People may be moved from one department to another. There won't be outside hires. We are trying to minimize human pain.
  2. HSC consolidation talks - long meeting Friday afternoon. In some areas, we will consolidate. Systems - if not under one unit, folks may be reassigned. There's a lot to look at, but it has to be ready by July 1. We are resigned to the fact that it has to happen. Judy has not made the final decision yet.
  3. Had a call this AM about committees - ones that we are a member of and how they will be affected by the integration and re-organization.
  4. Privacy breach - 5000 people will be notified. SSN exposure. IT cost six figures just to notify everyone. Watch your records closely.
  5. New boss - Rachel - is in town. She came in last Friday. Her official start date is March 30.


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