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Support Services Meeting Notes
February 25, 2008

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Kelley Cunningham, Erich Kesse, Rob Roberts, Grace Strawn
Business Services/HR
  1. Brian is out at another Faculty Assembly meeting this morning.
  2. Resource Technology and Database Maintenance librarian positions - both are currently conducting phone interviews.
  3. Budget reduction memo - 6% cut. Grace has to submit our plan to Tigert on July 1. That amounts to $1.3 million out of our existing budget. Includes FCLA money.
  4. Xerox - new printer - no rush. Need to look around for something cheaper.
  5. Business Services is waiting for a quote for MSL from Kent Holly. The PO is due by next Monday. Why is the quote taking so long? The amount is over the limit, so three quotes are needed. We need his response.
  1. Elevators not working in West first thing this morning.
  2. Bill's card swipe was not working in System. Facilities checked on it and it should be functioning now.
  3. Henry will vacuum room 1A East after an event on Friday and Saturday. Rob received a call at 6:30PM on Friday about the doors to room 1A being wide open.
  4. Agotti repairs - the screws are still backing out. Rob sent them a message asking why and letting them know the problem has not been fixed.
  5. Southwest stairwell sign in Library West has been ripped off.
  6. Signage in West - some problems - Public Services is making adjustments.
  7. Paint job in the group study room (West) - a crew is due in late this week to paint over the vandalism from last week. This is a PPD project. Public Services will be asking for volunteers to serve as 'room valets' to monitor the group study rooms, as a result of this incident.
  8. Mail - need to move forward. Bill would like a write-up on the Facilities Web page. No delivery service. Rob will meet with department heads.
  9. No word from Xerox about vacating one of their rooms in MSL. Rob to check on it.
  1. Kelley has the Google calendar up on the Grants Website. It allows for the central posting of grant deadlines.
  2. March 13 - Employee Recognition Committee celebration of Documents having an unprecedented number of grants awarded.
  1. Batteries for the MSL laptops - the rep sent us more, but they also did not fit. We need a solution. They will continue to figure it out or we won't accept the laptops.
  1. Laurie's workshop was cancelled.
  2. DLOC folks are back from Venezuela. The equipment they brought was locked in customs. Venezuela is the most prepared partner to provide content, once the equipment is out of customs. Jamaica is the lowest performing. Haiti is the newest member - along with USF. Brazil wants in.
  3. DLC is trying to clear all decks before Erich leaves.
  4. Bryant is over $1500 for audio conversion.
  5. Erich will be out on Thursday.
  6. Working on CRL world archive.
  7. DLC's book OCO money disappeared - electronic book subscriptions. Bill and Erich will discuss.
  1. Discussion on how the previous budget cut got handled. Book budget was cut 4%. There has been spending as if there was no cut, though everyone was informed. There is enough to cover what has been spent on book OCO. We are not in a negative balance. Bill and Erich will discuss the DLC impact.
  2. Upcoming 6% budget cut - UF HR volunteered to let people know the University procedure for letting go of people. We sent someone, as we need to know the information for legal purposes, but it would basically be worthless for us to do. With the internal hiring freeze, we may need to shuffle people around within divisions. Programmatic cuts may happen, if necessary. Cutting the OPS budget is another option.


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