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Support Services Meeting Notes
February 26, 2007

Present: Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Kelley Cunningham, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
  1. DLC will be moving over to the Support Services Division in March. Erich Kesse will be attending this meeting. Kelley Cunningham will now be attending these meetings as she is working under Bill. Tom Minton is supposed to be joining us as well.
  2. Dean of Libraries search - two candidates are coming back for another round of interviewing. Both to meet with Machen.
  3. Grant Writing workshop - Directors are trying to determine who to send.
  4. Friday evening, there was a ceremony for Dale at the Provost's house. She was awarded the Presidential Commendation plaque. It was a big deal; lots of nice things were said. Dale was surprised and grateful.
Business Services
  1. All of the figures are in for the back payroll. Letters will be sent out. Checks have to be into Business Services by March 30. We are trying to get people more responsible in recording time. HR will soon be announcing a new Web site they've designed which explains how to log in time and check for approvals.
  2. We have been cleaning up stuff - budget presentation and candidates.
  1. Korian order - ready - trying to get 50% up front.
  2. Call maps for the elevators - yes, do them. Get the information from Barbara Hood.
  3. Door glass - frosting will probably be the choice.
  4. Security One - did not get a hold of Will, but they spoke to Bobbie and John. The fiber is fixed. Waiting for Security One. Apparently, there is one piece of hardware that needs to be installed for it to work. They will return to get it running.
  5. Rob needs the text for the carrel signs emailed to him. All of the carrels are to be done. Go ahead and process the order.
  6. The carrels themselves - a desk in one of the carrels has lifted off - Brad put it back on. It was not shearing.
  7. The baby changing tables have been ordered. Physical Plant will install them in the second floor men's and women's bathrooms in Library West.
  8. HSS - requesting tempered glass, full-length mirrors in all bathrooms. There is not enough space to mount something like that - so this is on hold.
  9. Escalators/elevators - they are down everyday. It is ridiculous. They are here working on them today. Send all bills to Bahar.
  10. No updates on the dumpster gates.
  11. Stairwell doors - working on them today. They have been approved to put a magnetic hold on them. The wiring on them is chafe - down to bare wires. Turned out the wiring was way too short.
  12. Carrel repairs to start today. Brad will be installing door stops.
  1. Daylight Savings Time patches - the biggest pain for Systems right now. The patch for the server had to be removed. We'll test a few sample mailboxes this week, then this weekend we'll push all the patches for the mailboxes and servers. The process has already been changed three times by Microsoft. Safe to say, we expect things not to go smoothly.
  2. OCLC - software broke due to Daylight Savings Time patches.
  3. West security video - security warranty should not start until the unit is working.
  4. NT9 - we will be physically moving it this week. Should be minimal down time.
  5. VOIP for East - ID numbers have all been given to Telecom. May have to replace switches. We should only be paying for rent on the instruments.
  6. Quotes for the staff replacement machines: currently 17" monitors. No price on bundles. May need to consider it when priced. May want to order in increments of 60 or 80. ALEPH v. 18 comes out in March - they want to see it on various sized monitors. 19" may not suffice. May order the first round after the ALEPH v. 18 demo.
  7. Media Tech - finished up all of West last week - rooms 229, 419, Reference. Shortly after they left on Wednesday, we got a SYSHELP about a problem with a Media Tech set up in a different area. Amy is supposed to look at it today.
  8. Media Tech looked at Education - they will be putting out a parts list. We will still have to work through Dell.
  9. PO for finishing Library East room 100 still not complete. Betsy Simpson mentioned something to Bill about everyone needing access to the cabinet in room 100. Will to check with her about it.
  1. Performance Reviews - exceeds to be kept to small scale. No indication that only the top performers would get a merit raise.
  2. Links that come with evaluations - should go to the current position descriptions. Rob notes that when he clicked on a number, it did not match up to the appropriate position description. Could be a problem.


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