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Support Services Meeting Notes
February 27, 2006

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
  1. NT13 - Stephanie says the access problem is getting blown out of proportion. The problem stemmed from someone in the Zoology department who was using a new laptop and was unable to connect. Will has replicated the error message and can sometimes get it to persist. This is definitely a problem, since it results in a complete failure of service. Need to follow-up.
  2. KVM switch for dual monitor set-up at the Circ desk - Will found one. Will need to order a second set of monitors.
  3. Winston is requesting that we upgrade the SQL server - need the price tag on a server and the software.
  4. Lori has been asking about moving ILLIAD off campus so they can run reports - have it be supported by an outside vendor. Need to look at total cost.
  5. Will has received several requests for color printers - he is considering going with Dell because they have a longer warranty. Bill suggests looking at the print quality - get samples.
  1. Duct inspection by Duct Busters - they are scheduled to show on Tuesday. Someone needs to realize that this is a major problem. Be sure to have visqueen available to cover workspaces upon inspection.
  2. Locks for the lockers in West are done.
  3. Documents tables will be wired this morning.
  4. Another range of shelving has been added for Judaica. Now we have to install lights.
  5. Modifying the book drop for Journalism - they suspect people are stealing out of that drop - will install a shelf.
  6. Heads-up to Business Services: shipping international items from ILL is proving expensive. Rob received a letter from the Library of Congress which states that they no longer processing ILL material. Rob forwarded the letter to Lori Driscoll. We may have to go back to using USPS.
  7. Systems server room - lights have been out for awhile now. Brad was working on it, but the fixtures broke when trying to change the bulbs. If it is necessary to buy new fixtures to repair it, that should be done. Needs to be repaired ASAP.
  8. Patrick in Journalism has been complaining about power for laptops. May look into it. The building has wireless.
  9. Paint/carpeting of all MSL - need estimate. Need to ask Carol Drum about color, etc.
  1. Quotes from Dell - Training Room in West - the audio/visual equipment is the priciest. Barbara thinks she will be able to get permissions to purchase all of it. The lecterns have not been bought yet - Barbara is still in negotiations with Mickey.
  2. Communication meeting - discussion of open positions: Map Librarian.
  3. Gary Cornwell - last (half) day is tomorrow. The emeritus status has not yet been communicated to him. We are waiting for this information to be posted. Will probably let him keep his building fob through the weekend.
  4. Library Council meeting - Web update March 2 - Policies & Procedures to be updated by HR and Systems departments.
  5. Performance Management Training - Brian has a few more to conduct.
  6. 150 new forms were distributed - some of the supervisors listed were not correct. Brian and Trudi are going to talk to Winston about training tracking in the Green monster. Bill notes it is possible to do with AD.
  7. Sick reports on the same forms only reflect 10 of 12 months.
Business Services
  1. End of third quarter is tomorrow and we'll be looking into the final quarter. Rumor has it they will be stopping ordering in May.
  2. Ad-hoc talk with Dale about the state of the budget at the moment and for next year. There is talk of the president taking the carry-forward money, so Dale wants to use it. We need the carry-forward and would be bankrupt without it. Book funds are in deplorable condition. The University has not given us any money. Dale wants us to purchase what needs to be bought. The complete re-carpeting of Systems will be done. Need to get specs for a new SQL server to Barbara today.
  3. Barbara asked Russ three and a half weeks ago for a projection on how much we will need to spend on supplies to get us through next September. She needs this information.
  4. We have over $100,000 in incidentals for West - there is no telling if we'll need more. Supercards on every door would run $1-$2 million. May have to cannibalize positions and move money if necessary.
  1. Smathers space unknown. Budget to Provost.
  2. Strategic plan from UF - 14 pages of goals, the Libraries were at the bottom of the list. Finishing Wes t and Law is all it says. Nothing about staff, materials or access.
  3. Café funding - the cafe money belongs to UF Business Services - no sign of change there.
  4. We are not a priority for this administration. No support from UF, just lip service.
  5. Serials to be cut by 350,000.


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