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Support Services Meeting Notes
March 2, 2009

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Lori Driscoll, Rob Roberts, Laurie Taylor
  1. AC problem in the IT Dept server room - we found out that the dryer in the chilled water has been down for about three months. This is causing condensation in a number of buildings. The lines need to be drained in every building.
  2. Enunciator in West - loud, buzzing alarm on the first floor over the weekend. We've called them to have it turned off.
  3. Furniture order - the dealer will be here tomorrow. The order has not been placed. The quote is unfinished.
  4. The painting should be done tomorrow.
  5. Sonia - quote to Dan Walker to move Maps back.
  6. Brian is out sick today.
Access Support
  1. Delivery project is operational. Terry from Law is out sick, so it is slow - not a lot of requests, other than testing. The tests work.
  2. HSC & Law - ILLIAD - trying to move as fast as possible. No full buy-in from HSC yet. Law is on board.
  3. Billing meeting - positive meeting held. IT Dept folks have been working with Fiscal Services. They are happy with the billing manager. Should be ready to go on July 1. Double entrees will be eliminated.
  4. Ongoing personnel issues to discuss with Bill Covey.
  1. Question about slowing down the Conflictor virus by disabling auto play - do we have the OK to proceed? Yes, as long as the instructional dialogue is not disabled. We will test it first and see what it does.
  2. The Web server is Shibboleth-ready.
  3. We are requesting the purchase of SQL Server 2K8.
  4. Hardware Support Unit has run into cleanliness/safety issues when conducting inventory. Protocol would be for Will to go to the branch chair with the matter.
  1. Continuing with current projects.
  1. Feedback from the Town Meeting? Some staff agreed with Iona in questioning why we are still actively hiring for those listed positions and yet going forward with layoffs. Bill encourages people to use the blog set up on this topic.
  2. Bill is set to return to the IT Dept on March 30, when Rachel Schipper takes the reigns as the Associate Dean of Technology & Support Services.


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