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Support Services Meeting Notes
March 7, 2008

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Kelley Cunningham, Erich Kesse, Rob Roberts, Grace Strawn
Business Services/HR
  1. No changes on any positions.
  2. Bid is out for MSL.
  3. Sonia will pay the bill for Interface (stolen signs).
  4. Business on Book OCO has been straightened out.
  1. Next week is break. Carpet install is scheduled for MSL 5th floor. Range mover and carpet installer have been contacted. There will also be some painting. Our part is done. Rob spoke about this matter with Tara, Pam and Pat at MSL.
  2. Rob met with Systems and MSL to discuss the campus mail situation - each department to get assigned individual PO Box numbers. He will continue to meet with all other departments. At present, the plan is tentative. The Directors will decide if the plan is a-go.
  3. Sink clips - West bathroom sinks are lifting off the wall. Facilities designed clips to attach underneath the sinks to the countertops.
  4. Desktop outlets - have we decided to order them? Bill to check on it.
  5. Agotti - chair backs are still coming off - they have notified their engineering department and are trying to address the problem.
  6. Café booths - upholstery problem - seams letting go.
  7. MSL - AC problems - we should be in the exception category and PPD should address it. The fifth floor is still hot - the dampers are blocked.
  8. Wallet cards should be done soon.
  9. Security cameras from the branches - are they still coming into East? They should all be coming into one centralized place.
  1. Stephen Williams has been working on the Grants database. It looks a lot better.
  2. Chelsea put her award in PeopleSoft.
  3. No word from Joe Aufmuth - need to check with him and confirm whether or not he is going for that grant.
  1. GovConnection to replace the MSL laptops with a model that will work with the battery charger that they sold to us.
  2. Affiliation proposal to Bridges - so that we can accommodate non-affiliated patron when we move to campus AD. Lori Driscoll is currently reviewing the proposal.
  3. Mark made changes to 2.0 - new version. Hope that it will fix the memory leak problem.
  1. TICFIA Committee meeting - Stephanie attending in Chicago.
  2. Phone call with DLOC coordinator about the next grant we need to come up with - we are not getting enough material from our partners.
  3. N2H2 - request for TB drives to send information to the Library of Congress. Erich has the quote from the vendor. Library of Congress is at capacity.
  4. Baldwin project in progress - will need to purchase 2-3 computers.
  5. We have seen an increased amount of requests for the digitization of dissertations.
  6. Digitization of The Gainesville Sun and a few other papers - the New York Times does not want it.
  1. Discussed the budget and reorganization at great length. Importance of information dissemination - all Middle Managers will be held responsible for getting information out from the Directors. Communication should be flowing up and down the tree.
  2. Any suggestions of ways to save the Library money in a net-efficient way are encouraged. $1.34 million is the amount the Libraries is to give back for the next fiscal year. Cutting the OPS budget has been cited as a way to save money. Also, it's been noted that salaried employees do not have fixed hours. Bill encourages all to check out President Machen's Web site and read his statements regarding the budget. He is not saying 'no' to the possibility of layoffs.


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