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Support Services Meeting Notes
March 5, 2007

Present: Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Kelley Cunningham, Brian Keith, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
Business Services
  1. Half of the people who were erroneously paid overtime have paid it back.
  2. No reply yet from Carol Walker (regarding the establishment of building funds).
  3. No reply yet regarding the elevators and escalators.
  4. Trash cans - we're not buying them - send to Bahar.
  5. Third quarter closing is at the end of this month.
  6. Budget to be presented next week - more for acquisitions funds requiring pre-payments.
  1. Windowsills - room 100 - we are getting the vendor added to the Vendor List.
  2. Outlet on the second floor copier area in West - Facilities working on it.
  3. Acrylic mirrors - need to be priced out and sent to Bahar (for three locations).
  4. Office Concepts will be here on Wednesday to install a desk in Business Services.
  5. Status on frost on windows: waiting to get the consensus back from the staff.
  6. Carrel parts are on order. Facilities working on the carrels.
  7. Shelving move at MSL - Turner has priced it out.
  8. Hang up with the disposal of withdrawn Library books to the Friends of the Library - we got the clearance to do it, but now someone is consulting a lawyer. We are trying to find a rational way to dispose of old books.
Support Services
  1. Kelley to attend a new faculty grant writing workshop on Wednesday.
  2. Flo is applying for a grant through the Florida Humanities Council. Kelley to keep on eye out.
  1. Daylight Savings Time - patches came out in February and were installed automatically. We pushed the patches to individual mailboxes this weekend. Will has had a handful of problems reporting incorrect calendar times. At this point, we'll just ask people to hand-correct the errors. Will's new assistant (Logan) helped out and did a good job.
  2. NT9 - last Thursday the tape drive broke. We had a new one sent DSL - but Dell missed the pick-up, so we had them overnight another. Logan came in on Saturday and received the shipment then had the drive installed.
  3. Education classroom project - on board - quote for Dell: should it include laptops? The laptops have to be permanent (for the room) - no checkout. The power in that room will need to be evaluated.
  4. Staff workstation quote - $45 difference for 19" monitors. We need to get a 17", 19", 21" and a dual set-up then have a demo of ALEPH v. 18 set at the correct resolution. Need to come to a consensus prior to purchase.
  5. DLC - their machines have a separate configuration. !7" should probably work fine for them. Bill would like Erich to attend the demo as well. They may also be interested in the dual set-up.
  6. Dell storage replacement for NT2R - Will has quotes for two (one in East, one in MSL) - three would be ideal. Will to talk to Bill about the details.
  7. NT9 - move complete, but will need to re-partition the drive or wipe and restore. Bill says to repartition and get the new version for VISTA.
  8. Liaison Training - decision to make it mandatory will be up to each department.
  1. Performance Initiative - rite of spring. Brian has been preaching against the creep and to call 'em like you see 'em on the evaluations. Last year's evaluation should be irrelevant. If you anticipate a 'below' rating, please talk to HR. There are corrective procedures to go through in those cases. HR is checking them off as they come in and giving the rating to the Directors to moderate if any departments are highly out of whack.
  2. Re-class - we are on the downhill side of this process. We are waiting for confirmation from the Directors. We got the data from UFHR and have given the costs to the Directors. They will consider the cost of implementation. There are 110 Assistant/Associate and 18 IT position changes.
  3. Evaluations - do we have to update them to the new position descriptions? If the PD is out-of-date, then update it. The form will be included in the emails. Use the current classification - not the redone ones. They are due to HR by March 26.
  4. Money - the amount required for the re-class changes is obscene. Doubtful that it can be done this year. Options are: (1) half this year and half next year
    (2) look at the positions of the most woefully underpaid and catch them up faster
    Almost certainly, there will be a percentage of wage increase. None of this pertains to faculty market equity. Whatever is done in wages carries fringe costs.
  5. IT titles - there is a large number of IT Expert positions on campus. There is a huge scale of knowledge within this group. Different levels will probably be denoted.
  6. In general, this should be good for everyone. The finished price tag will tear the heck out of recurring funds. We plan on doing it across the board. It should justify a budget increase.
  7. This has been a major accomplishment by Brian and Library HR. Hang with us a little longer until it is implemented.


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