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Support Services Meeting Notes
March 9, 2009

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Angela Mott, Rob Roberts, Laurie Taylor
  1. Water pressure in East - PPD should come over today to check on it. They will also be checking on the temperature in the stacks.
  2. Escalator trim (cutaway trim) starts today.
  3. Maps move started. Shelving replaced. Center part of stairway door removed.
  4. Waiting for a quote for the security for HSC.
  5. Question about the email for the Facilities Department Request - it is now listed under Service Accounts.
  6. Facilities version of Grover - they'd like to have a similar system for tracking tickets.
Access Support
  1. Lori Driscoll is out sick today. Angela Mott is filling in.
  2. Campus delivery service started. Law faculty only. There's not a lot of activity, but no problems either. Terry at Law was in charge, but is out sick, so, Elizabeth Outler is taking over. It has been seamless so far. Oak Hammock is supposed to be next, but there is an ongoing resource issue.
  3. Kelli from Education has started working half time in ILL. The other .5FTE is still vacant. This is Melissa Ware's old position. The intent is for it to be a full time position.
  4. Michelle wanted Angela to note that there is a Grover ticket regarding ILLIAD emails not going out to notify patrons. She wants it to become a higher priority in resolution.
  1. Workstation in room 1A - we are replacing it with another machine for better performance. Is it okay to put Steady State it? That's fine. Ditto for the East conference room.
  2. ILLIAD to move to our server room.
  3. Replacement computers - prioritize the oldest staff and public machines.
  4. Rumor of Hesham's resignation - it's true. Yes, remove his permissions.
  1. No meeting this week - the top two were gone.
  2. No more news on either the budget or the HSC integration. We need an administrative decision on the IT organization as well as the Access Support.


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