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Support Services Meeting Notes
March 10, 2008

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Erich Kesse, Rob Roberts
  1. First floor West men's room is still closed. Three floods in one week. There is currently standing water in some pipes. Apparently the slope is wrong. Paper towels can easily stop it up. There is a test cap on a pipe that is blocking 1/3 of the drain. There was 1/3 blockage not found in the previous cleanout between the 1st and 3rd floors. During the flooding, the third floor sinks and floor drains were okay, but the toilets were stopped up. The second floor was blocked up everywhere. It is very complicated to figure out. Good thing it happened during spring break.
  2. Café upholstery is Agotti.
  3. Roll-up gate is out of order. Cable came undone. Who did the install? Need to call Biltmore to find out.
  4. Carpet will be installed at MSL today. This has been coordinated with the book movers and carpet installers. Test book moves - need two more estimates. There are two phases of this project: early March and early May. Cost is $19,000. Bill would like to see the quote. It has been on the books for a long time.
  5. Hang out at ALF - was asking about using the zip + 4 for that building (not using the campus zip). It should be okay to use - they will get deliveries both ways.
  6. As the plumbing problem calmed down, there was still a problem with building keys. Sent a work order to get Rob a set of keys for all of the Libraries and branches.
  7. Power failure in East around 4PM on Friday. It was very brief. It knocked out the APC UPS backups in DLC. The surge was stopped, but the power went out. Need to do a self-test on the APC.
  1. Xerox rooms at MSL - there have been rumblings about other plans by MSL staff for those rooms - such as an office for interns. We need to talk to them about it.
  2. AFA scanner workstations - scanners failing - suggested testing power fluctuations. The electrical problem at AFA needs to be straightened out. Need to talk to EH&S about more circuits.
  3. Will took care of the Visio problem last week.
  1. Haitians have asked to come up to train. Matthew Loving and Erich will be the translators. We are trying to come up with some housing. We will contact the International Student Center as well as check on dorm room availability. They will be here to train, not work - but, they will need temporary network sign-ons. This will be scheduled for some time in the summer - after the first week of June.
  2. Retrospective Florida newspapers are coming back.
  3. TB drives have been ordered.
HR/Business Services
  1. Reorganization Committee - Brian's service on it is almost complete. Rationales are due today. Brian has been charged with the final draft proposal. We will ballot peoples' opinions on the design. The topic of minority report is briefly mentioned. Town meeting scheduled for Wednesday at 11AM to answer any questions. The ballots will be sent out today.
  2. We have three positions that have been opened for a long time. The search committees are not pushing. Two are faculty positions.
  3. PMI out last week.
  4. Effort Tracking has been sent out for 476 employees and students.
  5. Brian produced and submitted a list of tenured homes. Betsy and Michelle looked at scrolls of event tracking.
  6. Budget numbers - 6% proposed cut.
  7. Brian's two ergonomic evaluations have been a success. New mice solved their trouble.
  8. Communication Committee - at the last meeting of the Directors, Judy proposed that the Communication Committee sit in the theatre seats for the Library Council meeting.
  1. Bill just got back from a meeting in Oklahoma City of the literati of Library research. They touched on many topics. One was encryption - how it leaves us all helpless and vulnerable. The presenter from Duke's Library spoke of their massive reorganization program. They are merging all of their branches into one - making it more like one-stop shopping. There was also an enthusiastic presentation from the father of JSTOR - he polled academics on how they use libraries. Economists are less likely to use the library. Everyone is valuing the library less, except for preservation. Advice is to play to our strength as acknowledged by the rest of the world - as a gateway to research information.
  2. CECIL Division meeting this week in Orlando. Judy will also attend.
  3. Things aquatic - FCLA vendor, but it has nothing to do with UF. IMSLIC portal. The question is if FCLA is serving UF and not SUS members.
  4. Sam has been very active with the Foundation.


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