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Support Services Meeting Notes
March 12, 2007

Present: Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Kelley Cunningham, Brian Keith, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
Business Services
  1. We came across another person with 64 hours of unapproved time from August. Will send a letter and generate a check.
  2. Drafting a memo on cell phone policy - will be sending it to the Directors for approval.
  3. Log-in requirement for phones discussed.
  1. VOIP in East - we've done all we can with Telecommunications. We're waiting for them to give us a time. Six libraries have been converted and East is the last. Now they say they are unable to lease the phones - they'd have to buy new ones. Bill wants to go with the "soft phones" - just a handset that runs on the computer - no physical phone required.
  2. Bill Hanssen will be out all this week.
  3. Any info on room 450 East archive? It has been passed on to the Directors. It should fly.
  4. MSL - go ahead with the shelving.
  5. Upright steel for the shelving in the carrels - a company is sending samples to Rob. He should be able to get cost for an upgrade. The faculty carrels need to be done ASAP. They should be sending the legs this morning.
  6. Acrylic mirrors and frame - $1000 purchase. Rob got them off the internet with his VISA. If they are deemed vital, we will get more for other facilities.
  7. Bean bag area - they are requesting walls to be able to practice presentations. There are study rooms for just that purpose. Needs to go to the Directors. Cleaning of the bean bags - need to check with Housekeeping (Henry).
  8. Shelving moves this week: Education & MSL.
  9. Working on the electrical in Education (old Judaica area). They want seating for 30. Rob is getting a quote for the chairs.
  10. This week: branch conversions.
  11. Elevator security - not fixed yet.
  1. Kelley is working with Flo to get her grant through.
  2. Big agenda on grant management this afternoon. Need to add a mechanism to monitor the mini-grant a bit better.
  1. Daylight Savings time - has gone off without a hitch - just a few problems that can be fixed manually.
  2. Server room maintenance this weekend - got server moved around.
  3. Working on quotes for servers from Dell - NT2R replacement.
  4. Education training room - working on quotes.
  5. Monitor demo scheduled for tomorrow for Tech Services: 17", 19", 20.5" as well as dual monitor set up.
  6. Xerox - lots of trouble with the Documents workstation. Got it on the network, and then had trouble getting it to print. Swapped it out, but it still does not work. Documents is still down. Xerox has hired a new tech.
  7. Steaming video request from Trudi - she wanted the Library West dedication put on the Library Web site in streaming video format. Bill says no to streaming video - just make it downloadable.
  8. Access to Systems - Flo fobbed in the other day. Please review who has access.
  9. Dell publicity release - need Carol Turner to sign.
  1. The re-class proposal was submitted to the Directors on Friday.
  2. Brian has a meeting with the Faculty Market Equity group this Friday to help them with their proposal.
  3. Michelle, Barbara and Brian to meet to discuss how PeopleSoft handles departments.
  4. UF Directory - they've informed us that our employees are not updating their listings in the UF Directory.
  5. Performance Management Initiative - they are due two weeks from today. Below or minimal are handled differently - only one so far.
  1. Re-class proposal - no decision has been reached. Some people are not properly classified. Concerns exist about the cost. Hope to wrap it up this week.
  2. The next topic the Directors will tackle is the hiring procedure.


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