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Support Services Meeting Notes
March 13, 2006

Present: Bill Covey, Brian Keith, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
Business Services
  1. Trying to find out Judaica prices.
  2. One more week to finish up the third quarter.
  3. First Xerox bills under the new contract received. Final version for the month of December - should break even after then. Need to send Xerox all the stuff we need to hook up to their machines: fishe readers, etc.
  4. 85 fund transfer from foundation - plugging along.
  5. Untaken - Net 10 - no discount. Bridges/Peoplesoft - no word through Business Services.
  6. Disabled safe - Physical Plant took the whole combination off and said they'd be back later today. They've never done this off-site. Just needed a combo change after Dolapo's departure. Barbara is not very pleased.
  7. Mickey - no more heard about the purchase cost. Barbara will call other people.
  8. We've $2400 worth of bean bags for West. To be delivered June 1.
Library HR
  1. Brian conducted the last of twelve evaluation training sessions. Only seven employees did not attend - and two of them went to the UF training. Evaluations are due March 27.
  2. Accounting position for Business Services - due today. Barbara mentions the existence of a standing pool. Brian will check into it.
  3. Bridges - PeopleSoft meeting - initiative to use it as a way of tracking data so as to eliminate the need for shadow systems. Per Mike Conlon, the expectation is for PeopleSoft to be up-to-speed in reporting in approximately 5-10 years. Until then, retain shadow systems.
  4. MSL - inquiries on physical needs and access to plumbing: ADA. Water outage in MSL this week; some folks complaining. Give them alternate schedules or alternate work places or they can take sick days.
  5. Meeting today regarding Gary Cornwell's position. Right now, his responsibilities are split up among three people.
  6. We'll be posting for the Maps Librarian in the near future.
  1. We've got a couple of people out on a couple of different days this week.
  2. Systems flooring - UF regulations won't allow carpet installation over asbestos flooring. Will cost about $10,000 to take out the tiles/abatement. Suggestion is to do the upstairs then the downstairs. Will be a major pain, no matter what. How long would it take? Rob will check on the abatement process: what's involved, how long it will take. Project wouldn't begin until June - by then folks will be moving into West and Systems could conceivably move to unoccupied spaces temporarily. Bill will bring up the proposition at the Systems staff meeting today and see what the general consensus is on the matter.
  3. Office assignments and desk layouts for West - Rob has the floor plans. Wireless access will exist throughout the building.
  4. Fencing to be repaired today at ALF. Will remove one section of the chain link - to make the fire marshal happy.
  5. Modification of mail service - UPS/international mail - they charge an import tax to return items. The Library of Congress will no longer do international loans. UPS has a shipping plan that is designed for universities. It uses one account, but you can track mailings by department. The only costs would be a printer for ILL and the international tracking system requires a think pad for signatures. It would track international and insure, but we would need to know the duty for the patron (COD). We need to find out from Access Services how much of this international mailing they do per month. Barbara has asked Lori Driscoll, but has not heard back yet. The best thing to do is to get Facilities (Rob), ILL (Lori) and Business Service (Barbara) together in the same room and hash this out before any decision are made.
  1. There have been ripples from the announcement of the subscription cuts. It was covered in the Alligator. President Machen is scheduled to speak in April to the Faculty Senate about this piece of Library news. We have no clue as to what he will say. There has been no official reaction yet. The cuts will go into effect in July if there is no relief.
  2. Very little feedback has been heard about Dale's retirement announcement. Surprising. No search committee announced yet. If no one is hired by January, we will have to hire an interim.
  3. Push now for the Library to have more transparency between procedures.
  4. Major flap at MSL - compact shelving project - West people went over there - Space Saver - they pulled back the wiring. Another section went out this weekend. Most of the trouble started after December, when the shelves were filled more. Since 2003, we've spent $5000 in maintenance. It has been rebuilt and taken fully taken apart. Space Saver is still working on it. Right now they have to hand-crank sections. This may cause major ramifications if we have to relocate.


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