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Support Services Meeting Notes
March 17, 2008

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Kelley Cunningham, Brian Keith, Erich Kesse, Rob Roberts
  1. Plumbing problems in West - drain update: found a couple of low spots (incorrect inclination). We are asking the contractor to come back. We did not really find anything to cause a blockage. Paper towels did stop it up, but shouldn't have resulted in all of the problems. Hours were spent troubleshooting. We should be back in service. They are looking at the size of the drainpipe. Engineers will be paid to investigate.
  2. Roll-up gate - contractor came and was able to get the gate down. The cable was broken. We could not find any cable in Gainesville. We found it in Williston and paid for it. Then the contractor would not come back. Finally, they came back and fixed it. The brake and lock functions are not working. Facilities will call the manufacturer. Hopefully, they will be able to provide maintenance from now on. We have trained the Access Services folks on how to put it down.
  3. Judy asked about the escalators - could we shut them down at the end of each work day? Rob is checking into it.
  4. One elevator is out of service today. The cable is out of alignment.
  5. Signage - need more approval. Some are trying to change the policy.
  6. The carpet installation in MSL is complete. The mover will be back today to finish up. Harold wants to step up the carpet replacement on the other floors.
  7. Stairwells in West - painting - Rob got a quote of $4700. Is that for a single stairwell or all four? He thinks all four, but needs to clarify.
  8. Tomorrow is the last meeting scheduled about the new campus mail proposal. So far, Rob has only received two negative comments. Jim Cusick thinks it would take too long to change the address with vendors and Preservation had concerns regarding the courier service. So, we'll finish up the meetings and see where we go from here.
  9. Staff elevator schedule to be open to students.
  10. Biltmore rep - said that putting a new floor over an old floor is not a good idea. Recommends putting a membrane - a waterproof barrier - underneath.
  1. Meeting scheduled for this afternoon (make-up meeting from last week).
  1. Free upgrade to Backup Exec - tried to install and it broke things. Some things are currently not backed up. We are in the process of fixing it - calling about the licenses. Did we have individual mailbox restore prior to this last upgrade attempt? Yes. Need to make sure it is not broken after this upgrade is done.
  2. MSL replacement laptop sent to us by GovConnection - widescreen version - we have not received it. Will has asked for the tracking number.
  3. Moving the SAN in MSL - have the Directors addressed this issue yet? Bill will try to get it resolved.
  1. I-Archives are still outstanding. They are trying to save space for us. We are trying to process.
  2. Erich is trying to secure dates from the Haitians for their training/visit. The International Student Center is onboard to assist.
  3. There is also one person from Trinidad who has paid their expenses to come for training.
  4. DLOC - college of the Bahamas to come onboard. Just need to make a couple of language changes in the paperwork. FIU is also onboard.
  5. FCLA - meeting at 3PM tomorrow. Scheduled to discuss content from old DLXS to new digital technology.
  6. CopiBooks - the French felt sorry for us - said the maintenance contract was too expensive - they are giving us $150,000 for contract upkeep.
  7. NIH - requires public domain donation of all grant structured items. There have been debates of scholarly research on grant money. The obligation for copyright violation is on the author. Do we have a text of the statement? Please forward it to Bill.
HR/Business Services
  1. Performance Management Initiative - due next week.
  2. Effort Tracking - due this week.
  3. Three positions posted - two are faculty. Requests to bring folks in to interview.
  4. Judy said that the Provost committed to funding the Senior Grants Coordinator position. Unsure of the situation now, as the Provost just left that position.
  5. AFA book move - not enough bids. Got one last week for $19,000 and another for $6,000. The second quote may want to borrow some of our book trucks for the move. We will get Sonia involved to ensure consistency in the process.
  6. Carry forward report - working on it.
  7. Managerial budget reports - working on it.
  8. Communication Committee - satisfied with their charge.
  9. Patrick Reakes - will be taking to the Senate - a presentation on the Sunshine Amendment. The Faculty Search can't make a recommendation about posting the toolkit. It is optional. Would like a definite indicator of this from Judy. Bill and Brian will speak with her about it after this meeting.
  10. Discussion of reorganization process/survey results.
  1. CECIL meeting last week in Orlando - main topics: the budget, reorganization and the Provost and VP of HSC stepping down from their positions. The one CFO model is a great variance to most universities. More changes will be forthcoming. It was of great interest and comment at CECIL.
  2. FCLA - due to budget cuts, they are going to turn off NOTIS at the end of June. Bibliographic records will still be there. FCLA gets an overall budget. If they don't save money in moving off the mainframe, there could be more cuts to come. FCLA will be cutting the Veritas software copyright. There are major new changes in DAT software. They are adding a usability analysis. Looking into video conferencing instead of travel.
  3. It was informative to hear what other institutions are doing in lieu of the pending budget cuts. FAU is cutting $1.1 million in their collection and reducing their hours. FSU is cutting $320,000 in positions. They are talking of merging colleges. UF has a total budget cut of 10.62%. Every school has a tale of woe to tell.
  4. Reorganization polling - results show relative acceptance. It is basically seen as a solid endorsement. Still have to deal with tenure homes.
  5. Is anyone aware of any issue that is not being attended? We are pushing for official communication. Discussion of the blog - anonymity - censorship cannot erase ideas.


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