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Support Services Meeting Notes
March 19, 2007

Present: Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Kelley Cunningham, Brian Keith, Erich Kesse, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts, Grace Strawn
  1. New edition - Erich Kesse has joined our distinguished group. We are in the process of moving DLC into the Support Services Division.
Business Services
  1. We are working to try and come up with a new budget for supplies. Each department will handle their own budget and ordering of supplies. This is a move towards more individual accountability. Mr Paper will deliver supplies "to your door". The exception will be items that we 'special order'. We will start with two test departments (one large, one small) as a pilot.
  2. Revision on cash reports in process.
  3. Allocation for grants - spreadsheets are getting out - being made available to people. DLC would like to track grant students as well. We'll take that into consideration.
  4. Kristy is entering into PeopleSoft the people who are to be cost-share. We have until the end of this week to get those people online.
  5. Standard ordering - the FCLA (computers) order to come through this week, right? Yes.
  6. Security officer - Business Services to meet with him and Lori's group this afternoon. Bill iterates that he has been hired to preserve order. We will hold the company responsible for problems, not the individual.
  7. We are setting up a mandatory meeting with John Ingram and all staff currently using Library-purchased cell phones. This concerns predominately Systems and Facilities personnel. Topic is the new handling of the billing.
  1. Small projects: the brass grills in room 100 have been reinstalled - still need to finish it up. Judaica plaque, changing tables, outlet for copiers all to be done.
  2. Lighting for artwork - have to move the lighting panel closer to the mezzanine. There will be a price for the move. PPD to pay.
  3. Working on the library shelving doors in room 450 East.
  4. Education - rerouting the electric to the wall. Also, providing an outlet for the podium. Rob needs to go over a few things with Will. CNS will need to be scheduled.
  5. Shelving moves for MSL and Education are complete.
  6. Floor for flamenco performance in room 100 - it has been rented.
  7. Meeting last Friday morning - Special Collections East security issues - most requests are doable - will send Bill an email regarding the requests.
  8. Staff elevator not functioning this morning - ongoing elevator problems.
  9. Infinium order is moving.
  1. Flo's grant application was brought over - they sent it back for us to make some revisions. The packet is due tomorrow - it will be ready to go after the revisions are made.
  2. Cathy Martyniak had her baby. Chelsea is also out on maternity leave - the Grant Management Committee will be sparse.
  3. Erich has a sub-grant forthcoming.
  1. Xerox - trying to get the Documents printing situation figured out. It won't send print jobs to its printer. One of the Xerox machines in West was compromised last week. We took it offline and rebuilt it - we are waiting to use it in Docs and then we will get a new one for West (they have another). Xerox has recently hired a new PC tech, but won't be available for awhile. We have been doing a lot of work for them, but we still have troubles.
  2. Server maintenance went well over the weekend. We got the third rack re-wired.
  3. Dreamweaver - there has been an increase in requests - we've informed then that the Director has to approve and they are asking why. Bill would like these requests directed to him. There are some situations where Contribute won't do the necessary job, but Tom should evaluate.
  4. Reported problems with Dell Dimensions - these will be replaced by the next batch that we purchase. Usually the ones they replace are transferred out to the public. These machines are reported to be slower. We will check them out. May have to do a RAM upgrade to them before they go out to the public areas.
  5. New workstation order - verdict reached: 19" monitors. Dual monitor set ups will be 17". Requests should be made through SysRequest, with justification.
  6. We've had a request for new workstations for Maps & GIS. Per Bill we need to get a head count on what machines they have over there. Need to verify that the machines they currently have are really having trouble.
  7. Storage cluster - Will has the quotes - should get the order in this week.
  1. Continuing problems with FCLA - the collection is split between FCLA and UF. There is a deficit of info -35TB total - that needs to be loaded to UFDC. FCLA recently changed how archival finding aids work (basically, they don't work at all anymore). Now, the owner of the collection, Cecilia Bryant, is questioning whether or not the collection will remain here. FCLA said they would move it to PALMM, but they are dragging their feet. We want the old service restored. We don't trust FCLA to load it. We'd like to get it from them via FTP. It is a large number of items - 33,000. Bill suggests sending someone locally. Need to verify what it would take to get a drive and download it.
  1. Retirement training tomorrow at 9AM.
  2. Faculty Market Equity Group - Brian met with them. They seem optimistic.
  3. Performance Management Initiative due by next Monday. Of 200 or so, we've only received 8 thus far. Only one minimal achievement.
  4. There are two posted, ten active faculty searches underway. Some interviewing by telephone. In the next six to eight weeks, we will be interviewing like crazy.
  1. Dean of Libraries search - Judy Russell interviewed again last Thursday with HSC and the Provost. Nothing has been heard since. There is speculation that she is the leading contender.
  2. Reclass - We are getting closer to getting it out - the Directors are more or less in agreement. Once we sign off on it, it'll go to UF HR - then Business Services will have to pay for it.


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