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Support Services Meeting Notes
March 20, 2006

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
  1. It is, at this precise moment, the vernal equinox - per Bill's watch.
Library HR
  1. The deadline for evaluations is looming.
  2. Trudi has been busy with Town Meeting announcements.
  1. Last week we were talking about the removal of asbestos tiles from Systems - Rob contacted the company and got some details. All of the carpet will have to be pulled up and people moved before starting the removal. This could possibly be done in three sections. We are looking at getting started just after the fiscal year end.
  2. AC duct cleaning in room 200 is complete. Next one is scheduled for Systems. This will be an ongoing project. The third floor is now complaining. Will add them to the list.
  3. Quote on the display case - broken one in Special Collections display area. Looking to replace.
  4. Access Services has a table that is about 8 feet long. They want to use it in Periodicals. It needs to be refinished.
  5. Additional keys to be made for the 68 student lockers in Access Services. If the keys start to go missing, we'll deal with it at that time. When will the lockers be installed? We're waiting for them to say. Facilities is ready to roll.
  6. Journalism wants to set up laptop tables. Facilities has the ability to do it for them, so they will.
  7. VOIP in office - number of assignments. Will do port assignments.
  8. MSL paint and carpet - is it a next fiscal year assignment? Need to get quotes/estimates in order to determine.
  9. Tomorrow is one of four days of emergency meetings.
  10. Space Saver install in MSL - nothing yet.
Business Services
  1. There was a Recycling Fair last Tuesday. A few of Barbara's people went to it. It was a recycling expo highlighting paper, supplies and carpeting. The Business Services folks were wondering where the Facilities rep was. They couldn't make it.
  2. Safe combination lock - PPD couldn't get the job done - they had to call Streit's in to do it. It was all a bit of an unexpected fiasco.
  3. Mickey - records management - trying to find out how much we spent for the compact shelving in the first place. Records not kept going that far back.
  4. Grants committee - two problems with grants in PeopleSoft for Chelsea Dinsmore and Tatiana Barr - they've received the grants, but it is not showing up in PeopleSoft. Need to take the issue to Bridges and change the routing.
  5. Contact for the microfilm printer/reader - web site and phone are not working. Call Carol Turner for accurate contact info. This is the only company in the country that makes it.
  1. Web server had a hard drive failure - will replace the drive.
  2. West new equipment - Will is going to be meeting with Trudi and Brian. There seems to be some confusion on the equipment. Specifically, the lectern and software. The lectern is a Warton model, not sure how compatible it will be with the Dell software.
  3. Will is also scheduled to meet with Leilani to try and pin down exact numbers and models on the equipment they want to order. They do not have any software on the list, but Leilani is working on it.
  4. OmniView dual monitor set-up for the Circ desk - Will is working on it. Bill suggests checking with BlackBox.
  5. DLC has a scanner that will cost $2600 to repair. It was not purchased via Systems. DLC orders should come through Systems.
  1. LC meeting this Friday - Mark Hoit to attend and discuss the IT reorganization.


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