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Support Services Meeting Notes
March 21, 2005

Present: Denise Bogart, Dale Canelas, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Trudi DiTrolio, Rob Roberts
  1. Discussion of meeting procedures and minutes. There will be four departments in attendance: Facilities, Administration, Human Resources and now: Systems.
  2. Bill would like to extend the Trouble Ticketing system so that it incorporates all of the Support Services departments. This will help to keep track of all problems and prevent things from "slipping through the cracks".
LAD move
  1. It is possible that we will need to vacate LAD within the next four weeks. We don't want to wait until we receive notification to start planning the move.
  2. Need to have a 120-day plan in place. Need to involve the Library staff.
  3. This move will probably need to happen before the move to West. We should have a bit more control over this move, as opposed to the move out of West.
  4. Are we under the 120-day notification option as we speak? Did we receive any official notification? The contract we signed in November also had a clause for a possible 90-day vacate with added money incentive.
  5. If this clause is not invoked, we may not have to move at all. Regardless, we should still have a 120-day bug-out plan in place.
  6. Where/how to make the move? The storage space the Law School is now using may become available.
  7. Obviously, our preference would be to hold the LAD move off until the new West is ready. We should have a 120-day plan in place and if they were to sweeten the pot with the 90-day plan, then we'll have to figure out a way to do that as well.
  8. How the collection is moved - the retrieval aspect - needs to be prioritized as to what should be readily accessible. We need a tiered list of material, available for one year, which will delineate the precedence for retrieval items. It will be hard to get people to agree.
  9. Material available via electronic access should be at the bottom of the retrieval list.
  10. Steve Shorb has an outline dealing with the prioritization of retrieval items, but it does not say what needs to go where.
  11. Cost, schedule access, staffing, expediency of the retrieval system - these are all public services issues. We do not want to hash out new issues with all staff.
  12. Contracts - on bid. Need to see who will relocate shelving. Could possibly resell shelving we won't need. Bid process is two weeks at the very least.
  13. Information regarding the move has been given to Lori Driscoll and Ben Walker (Access Services). They are aware that they need to make plans to move.
  14. Some of the material could be stored at ALF; some could go to Collection Management.
  15. We would like to have an alternative location planned other than the where Law is currently storing their collection. Need to check for optional space available.
  16. Public Services and Collection Management need to devise a list of least, middle and most retrieved books. The moves we make could be intermittent.
  17. What about bodies for the move? Would we do it by sub-contactor? We'll need shelf-moving and book-moving contracts.
  18. Will we need money for boxes? The book movers come with boxes. We should talk to the movers about the handling of the books. We will use the same ones as last time (West move).
  19. The old Scotty's on 441 is mentioned as a possible alternate location.
Plans for West
  1. Rob Roberts shared copies of plans for West.
  2. Compact shelving to go in the basement. There will be a whole new heating/air ventilation system in West, so the basement should not have the climate control issues it had in the past.
  3. Need a list of the people who are participating in the move: where they will go and what their furniture needs are.
  4. There is a meeting regarding the public area furnishing today.
  5. Department chairs will determine where people should sit. Then we will know if we need to modify the furniture. None of the old stuff from West can go back.
  6. Need to take care not to block network or electrical access when placing furniture.
  7. No individual desktop will be wireless.
  8. Will also need to buy furniture for the conference rooms. Dale needs to talk to Chris Eastman about money - $600,000 contingency.
  9. Steve has been keeping count. The money we have floats over the whole project. Right now we have $2 million allocated for public furniture. We may need a bailout. Dale will talk to the Provost if we need money.
  1. It is still unknown what the charge for VOIP phones in MSL will be. The total (including phone) for public will be $21.22. Networking for staff will be less.
  2. Wireless will be available. We will have more phones.
  3. Plate charge - long distance - we should do better with the phones covered by per-plate see.
  4. Will we keep the same phone numbers? We're supposed to have the facility to maintain them.
  5. It's possible that we may go to a centralized switchboard.
  6. With VOIP, if the data network goes down, the phones will be out.
  7. MSL is currently training on the new phones.
  8. We may want to standardize form on the phone - live people vs. automation.
  9. Next meeting: same time, next week.


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