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Support Services Meeting Notes
March 23, 2009

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Rob Roberts, Laurie Taylor
  1. CNS & Telecom will be installing a campus-wide emergency broadcast system. Library West has been targeted for a speaker. It will broadcast outside. Inside, the announcement would come through the VOIP phones. If they require network ports, be sure they use their own and we are not charged.
  2. Security for HSCL - approved to be paid by the Provost. Work to be done through campus planning. Harold will be the project manager. It will be subbed out to a contractor. Rob is meeting with Vern on Wednesday. He will get Peter involved as well. Rob expects that they would want to program their own stuff. Per Bill: not necessarily. Right now it is a Facilities operation and should remain as such.
  3. Elevator # 1 is out of service. There is a part on order. Rob to find out how long it will take before it is back in service.
  4. HVAC - AC - okay in DLC. IT server room - also okay. They installed a temporary filter. They are looking for a permanent one. The temperature and humidity are correct.
  5. Two people from HSC were asking Rob about the fact that they will be moving to Fiscal Services in Library West. They wanted to know if they would have offices. Bill advises to check with Brian Keith. HSC folks should bring their own computers.
  6. Michelle Crump needs to be moved to the fourth floor of Library East this week. Bobbie is vacating her office in the IT Dept for Bill.
  7. Property issues - Rachel Schipper will need to go through property training. Jody corrected the approval problem for property master.
  1. Laptop encryption - trouble with users not in admin group. We are going to make LibUser an administrator. Bill says this is okay, but we should keep looking for another solution.
  2. Evaluations - Will has three left to go.
  1. Is the DLC server space on order? Greenstone drives came in last week. This was not for JPG2K3. Judy is looking at orders. We need to look at the firewire interface.
  2. Friday, Laurie met with the HSC archivist, Nina. She would like us to take on a project to digitize newspaper clippings. It would probably be expensive. May not be worth it.
  3. PALMM replacement proposal is with Bill and Judy.
  1. Personnel shuffle - looking for people to fill positions (Judaica, Chemistry Librarian).
  2. Development - five-figure donation last week. Discussion on the use of endowments.


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