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Support Services Meeting Notes
March 24, 2008

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Kelley Cunningham, Erich Kesse, Rob Roberts
  1. Roll-up gate update - talked to the factory guy last week and he should be here on Wednesday. Hopefully, he can do the repair work while he is here. The gate is working, but the locking mechanism is not.
  2. Shutting down the escalators - yes, go ahead with it.
  3. No plumbing problems last week!
  4. Power domes - expanding the electrical service to all public areas.
  5. Campus mail proposal - the plan has been forwarded to all concerned. No word yet.
  6. Copier for Facilities - discussion of specs.
  7. Accountability inventory is due this week. There are still a few items left to locate.
  8. Rob has a few days off to put on the calendar.
  1. Meeting with John Nemmers, Laurie Taylor and Stephanie Haas - they are going to go for the NHPRC grant - to work on the Everglades collection. Erich says that Stephanie was just helping them out in the writing of proposal. He also said he did not think they were going to pursue it now.
  2. April Grants Committee meeting - Sam has been invited. Topic will be mini-grant reporting. Different branches may be represented. Joe Aufmuth is the new chair.
  1. 3480 cartridge tape conversion - cartridges as well as the reel tapes that have had the information migrated to VTS can be destroyed. Need to get an estimate to Bill for the cost of disposal.
  2. Dell monitors - we've got about 100 monitors with blue blobs on them - mainly in West. This equipment will be going out of warranty in December. We hope to get them all replaced.
  3. SAN - user folder migration - Systems has moved so far. We will speak to each department about moving their user and department folders from NT2R to the SAN. Erich notes he would also like NT12 moved to the SAN.
  4. Will asks if we could use endowment funds for recurring purchases - such as machines for the public areas. Not endowment, but it would be a good idea to talk to Sam about raising funds for this specific cause.
  1. Baldwin grant -equipment to be purchased.
  2. Meeting with the Development Officer to discuss possible endowment -two weeks from now.
  3. Reel tapes sent to Michigan to migrate to newer media.
  4. Use of funds in WID grant.
  5. New proposal for digitizing items in Haiti by Haitians.
  6. Proposal for Florida Newspaper & the Digital Library of the Caribbean - to Sam.
  7. Web 2.0 Committee is recommending a new Content Management Systems for the Library Web pages. Bill notes that we already have one in place with Contribute-Dreamweaver. Might take awhile to get a new one implemented.
  8. NIH - federally funded grants - gave a copy to the Directors. Federal money for research - have to have a copy deposited in the public domain and clear up all copyright issues.
  9. FCLA is establishing a scanning lab.
  1. Library Council - off schedule meeting just took place this morning. Much talk of the reorganization, which was approved by a wide margin. Judy will speak with Access Services and Collection Management - the two departments that are the most impacted. The proposal goes to the faculty senate in April. Hopefully, it will be approved at that point. If not, they have another meeting scheduled in May. The Support Services Dean search will proceed - and it will be an external search.
  2. Budget - Bernie's budget plan will be presented to the Faculty Senate Steering Committee on April 24. He will be divulging what the cuts will be. We can say what we'd like to cut, but he will determine what the actual cuts will be. We have to give back 6% for the next fiscal year - another $1.3 million. We asked the former Provost to exempt the book budget. She did not commit to approving. We don't know how this will all play out. Judy's priorities are to lessen user pain and to avoid staff layoffs and book cuts.
  3. OPS - high interest item. They want $14,000 back - would be doable with hiring Work Study only. We could make the cuts then portion out the remainder to departments. Should be implemented for the Summer A semester.
  4. Extended hours service during finals - may talk to groups like Student Government for funding.
  5. Avoid hiring people - we'll realign folks. Will list the head of MSL as a time-limited position - probably two years. CM selectors will be realigned to spend more time in public services.
  6. The former Provost had promised recurring funds for the Development Officer hire and self-checkout. Don't know what will happen there. We will have an outside search for the Development Officer, Support Services Dean and a second in command for HR.
  7. Travel will be the first to get cut.
  8. July 1 - reorganization in place.
  9. Judaica - it is not clear what we can legally do with that position.
  10. The MSL gate count is up 10,000 more per month.


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