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Support Services Meeting Notes
March 26, 2007

Present: Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Kelley Cunningham, Erich Kesse, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
Business Services
  1. Fighting with OCLC over $9256 bill. OCLC & RLG have merged. The regular monthly service has been paid. It may have gone to the wrong account.
  2. Michelle Crump is redoing departments. We are trying to set up the payroll departments accordingly.
  3. Meeting this Thursday on new department level reporting.
  4. Payroll went well - only 5 people not approved. Marina Salcedo quit her ERef OPS job - her supervisor already approved her time - now she owes us. Need to disable her account.
  5. All overpaid employees (except one) have paid up and the one who was underpaid got his pay.
  1. Staff elevator is down - the software upgrade did not fix anything.
  2. Windowsill installation in room 100 East - will start this week. Need to check on the room schedule.
  3. Need to add locations to calls.
  4. Replaced the rubber feet on ladders at ALF.
  5. New handicap signs ordered.
  6. Ordered replacements for black roll around chairs.
  7. Got the prototype on the walls.
  8. Wall to go up over the compact shelving in room 100 East has been ordered. Does not go all the way up to the ceiling.
  9. AFA IP addresses to change.
  10. Rob has had some trouble filing emails. He gets error messages when dropping them on the server. Bill notes that this has been happening for a while. It is usually attachment and folder specific. It is an intermittent problem.
  11. We have been getting maintenance reports from the security guard. LAC doors are not locking. There have been no incident reports on people yet. West staff are complaining about how much time it takes the guard to do the walk-through in East. We may need to expand his hours.
  12. Shipments from Infinium for the carrels - not yet.
  13. Agotti stuff for the chairs - Rob has the PO's.
  14. Aaron will fax the estimate on moving the carrels in MSL.
  1. Library mini-grant report is due next Friday.
  2. Grant workshop in Tallahassee - need to find out who is going. Looks like Nemmers and Ochoa so far.
  1. Mark McAllister - CIRCA - GatorLink passwords provide printing - physical card not required. AD tree - uses GatorLink sign-on. Campus AD has WSUS. We have not approached them about joining the campus AD tree yet. We are thinking of joining and want to know our printing options. We need to know the cost, how long it would take, etc. Need to look at non-UF people. Can they be issued Guest ID's in GatorLink?
  2. Xerox today - all printing is working. Only issue remaining is the PDFs.
  3. AC is the server room - is at 77 degrees, but is set for 70. John Humphrey has a call in to PPD.
  4. The anti-virus server is not updating. Nothing new since March 14. Will to rebuild.
  5. Orders - staff workstations - hope to get the order out this week.
  6. Scanners - problems with them may be due to lack of RAM in the older workstations.
  7. AFA - IP address changes for CNS - we have the new range, will work with Semco.
  8. UF computer equipment contract - almost finished - HP has the main one.
  1. Bryant Collection materials - Came FTP from FCLA and they are all here. We are currently processing it. We are working with the Florida Archive. It is up in the old section.
  2. LST grant fund - problem with equipment purchased and paid with FCLA funds. We had $30,000 and need to get it back. Grace is working on it. Contract & Grants is causing the hold up. Terms of grants should never be changed without notifying the PI first.
  3. Collaborative software - Illuminate Live - for video conferencing.
  4. NTNP grant - need to ask for an extension. Over quoted; need to redo.
  5. DLC Librarian interview scheduled for Friday of next week.
  1. Brian is out with a sick kid today.
  2. TEAMS/USPS evaluations due today.
  3. New Dean, Judith Russell, due to start May 1st. She will probably show up at the Spring Picnic.
  4. Re-class is going forward. The Stadium signed off on the two-year plan. This will drastically reduce the Library salary savings. The new Dean agreed to go ahead with half for this year. No public announcements. There will be a general announcement once Brian finds out the timeline. This will be the biggest re-class in the history of the university. It involves a lot of work. Those re-classed will become exempt (no more timecards) and USPS positions will be moved to TEAMS.
  5. The faculty has its own market equity comparison going on. They recently had an adjustment.


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