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Support Services Meeting Notes
March 28, 2005

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Trudi DiTrolio, Rob Roberts, Jill Skotko, Grace Strawn
  1. Discussion of general policy - we will never intentionally break the rules. Carefully consider what you know - if you are disclosing information that is illegal, life/safety threatening or hot button UF issues, there may be consequences. Rob brings up, for example, the fact that out at ALF there is an existing concrete slab that they plan to cover - to do welding, car detailing, etc. They have not bothered to pull a permit yet. Bill says: yes, pull the permit. It's bureaucratic survival.
Library Council
  1. A worksheet will be distributed: "How You Spend Your Workdays". Support Services Staff will be encouraged to write down percentages of time spent in a workday.
  2. We are through with "we didn't think it through" in this division. We've had lots of initiatives that just die.
  3. This survey should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. We just want to know what you do in a typical workweek. Things listed may be part of your position description, or they may not.
  4. Surveys will be analyzed so we can figure out how time is being spent.
  5. People working more than 40 hours - if they are not faculty or exempt - should not occur. TEAMS/USPS should be strictly working 40 hours. Otherwise, that is exploiting you and the state.
  6. The liaison program came about as a part of trying to adhere to the 40 hours. If they have trouble getting the time to devote to computer issues, they should be informing the powers that be.
  7. Time spent should be recorded in a percentage basis - listing the general stuff. The survey will be anonymous. Someone will know how many are handed out/how many they get back from each division.
  8. If we're to change the status quo, we need to know what we're doing.
  9. Every employee should come out with a 100% total per day.
  10. We will be estimating the resources that we have against economic restraints.
LAD move
  1. LAD - 90-day bug-out - we think we have a place in line; hopefully we'll have the money to cover it. Knowing in advance is a good thing.
  1. PAULA - an electronic system that Systems will clone out to the other departments. It provides a way to track the location of staff members.
  2. It is also helpful for tracking staff in the event of a fire drill.
  3. There is also a Web version you can access from places other than your own workstation.
Making the Rounds
  1. Bill plans on making the rounds to each department to see what's going on, get a feel for what they're doing.
  2. People have said they wanted to see the Directors more, so Dale will be joining Bill on occasion.
Burning Issues
  1. Greenstone server - for the Digital Repository in DLC - Systems has been having difficulty in getting Dell to install the Linux operating system. Finally, last week it was installed. Will Chaney will configure it today. Then it will be turned over to DLC and the Systems software group.
  2. Web server - disconnected over the weekend. We've been having trouble with it - need to move it to a new server. Plan on making the move in June - between summer semesters.
South Doors
  1. Installation is starting today. Should be finished by Wednesday.
  2. There's a question of where to store the security server for it. Seems to make more sense to house it in Systems.
  3. The video system of security that we now have has not been spectacularly successful. We will be going to the new UF GatorOne security system in the future. Is it really worth keeping the old one going in the meantime? What's the point?
  4. We may pull all of our non-response cases so far and talk to the chief-of-police.
  5. The new door will be our link into the campus-wide security system.
Trouble Tickets
  1. We will expand the Trouble Tickets to include a version for Support Services.
  2. We may have a central phone to route all the calls to the appropriate department: HR, Facilities, Systems.
HR Vacant Faculty Positions
  1. HR announces three faculty positions to be filled: East Asian cataloguing, Cataloguing & Metadata and MSL.
  2. Hiring procedures - interviews and search committees go on for way too long. We do not need the entire staff involved with other department's hiring.
  3. We are going to look into it - needs to be kept locally.
HR news
  1. The Faculty Senate ballots went out.
  2. Steve Shorb's departure date is April 15.
  3. Denise's position - search committee - Dale wants it listed this week.
  4. Need to figure out if it will require an MLS or be a TEAMS position. Need to figure out what her position, and frankly, the whole department should be doing.
  5. Steve's position will not be posted as long as "Interim" is on Bill's title.
Business Services
  1. Grace talked to AJ on the bid.
  2. We'll take the Law school place in the case of the 90-day bug-out from LAD.
  3. Funds - AJ, Bill Barbara and the construction guys will meet the second week in April.
  4. One million dollars will be allocated for furniture.


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