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Support Services Meeting Notes
March 30, 2009

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Rob Roberts, Rachel Schipper, Laurie Taylor
  1. Furniture (chairs) came in for AFA and MSL. Will be delivered today. Next shipment will be in April.
  2. Met with HSC last week. Topic was the Lenel security system card swipe installation. A rep from VP was there and expressed concerns. They already have cameras on all of their exterior doors. Next step is to get it kicked off.
  3. Reminder sent out to Library East regarding steam outage tonight, 5PM-7AM.
  4. Property valued at over $1000 is currently tracked by decal. That value may go up to $5000.
  5. Rob is drafting letters regarding two laptops on our audit - one is in police custody and the other was lost in a hurricane in Cuba. Will send a copy to Legal.
  1. NT16 - MSL server out of space. Need to wipe and rebuild.
  2. Laptop 14 - encryption problems - Will is looking into it.
  3. Auto play - pop won't display. Inclined to leave it alone for now.
  4. Green Team "Sleepy Monitor" request - to go into effect on April 20.
  5. Jim Stevens - wants to add the 4 faculty checkout laptops to the 30 student checkout laptop pool. They are different models and the batteries don't match. He wanted to change them with the HR Training room laptops, but Brian does not agree. So, now Jim is asking for a multi-bay charger for the four laptops. The ticket is open, awaiting a decision. Directors need to review.
  1. SAN storage space on order.
  2. JPEG 2000 expansion - on hold until Mark returns. He'll be gone for 4-5 weeks in May.
  3. UFDC - map view for search results is now active for newspapers. Mark is working to collapse the groups to search.
  4. Mark out May-June.
  5. Laurie sent a list of DLC projects to Rachel.
  6. DLOC grant info - April 16 - info for next year due. Hope to get stimulus money.
  7. Newspapers - slow going as many are oversized.
  8. Everglades - we just started working on letter documents.
  9. Coastal Engineering archives - digitizing six boxes of reports.
  10. Reprocessing older files to go into PALMM.
  11. Samuel Proctor oral history documents - waiting for permission.
  12. LSTA grants - for Aerial and Oral History - waiting to hear.
  13. NDNP - progressing.
  14. Google voice - service to transcribe. Once it's out, we may have folks interested audio and video.
  1. Bill has moved out of Admin and over to IT.
  2. Rachel is planning to spend time in each of our areas - sort of a "day-in-the-life" - and get to know the staff.
  3. Rachel would like to get a meeting together that would include the heads of the other departments she is over, as well as the heads involved in this meeting.
  4. This unit will meet again next week.


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