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Support Services Meeting Notes
March 31, 2008

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Kelley Cunningham, Brian Keith, Erich Kesse, Rob Roberts
  1. PPD in West lobby today - they are looking at the bathrooms. Rob is impressed with their response time and the job they did.
  2. AC - Library East room 210 - no one is using the room, but Susan Lupi reported that the AC is out. It is a supplemental unit installed in that room. Do we need to fix or replace it? No, if the room is unused then we do not need to get it working.
  3. Security - lock changes on five doors (West). Needs to be done post haste. Let Bill know if Jim needs to be prodded.
  4. Rob is in negotiation on the stairwell painting.
  5. Escalator shutdown - training scheduled with Public Services folks next Friday 4PM.
  6. Sign for the new restrooms in the 2nd floor of West - it will probably be a wall sign. Card swipes have been taken off the elevators - except the 5th & 6th floors.
  7. Hangar door - the guy should be here tomorrow to fix the locks.
  8. Rob is waiting for the PO to be able to add Access Services to the new door in the hallway.
  9. Ben is trying to write up a policy for withdrawal transfers. He wants to know how much we could deliver per day. What about Clinton? Clinton should be able to do it as the delivery driver - the courier.
  10. Need to get an estimate on a permanent security presence on the north end 1st floor of West near the bathrooms. Need a person to be sitting there. Someone has to monitor the gate.
  1. National Historic Public History Records grant is back on - the Everglades project. Why is it back on the table? Copyright issues resolved. Project will be limited to Yulee. It was taken to Judy by Jim Cusick and approved. It is due by April 2.
  2. Grants are still going forward - looking for more funds.
  3. DLC will use $10,000 for an endowment for the Women in Development Donor Project.
  4. DLC student, Tracy, is building a grant. She needs to go see Kelley. She needs a PI, hopefully Val Davis will agree.
  1. MSL laptops - GovConnection is supposed to be sending us 30 replacement laptops, but the deal has gone dead. Will is going to follow-up on it today. They have to be shipped directly from Lenovo.
  2. New anti-virus server is up. We started deploying it by department. It is a new version of McAfee on a virtual server.
  3. Public folders issue - started with an issue with the Watercooler folder. Seems to be an issue with Exchange 5.5. Will is looking into it.
  4. July 1 - new policy on wall plate will be coming through. We'll have to look at our network device setups carefully. People using remote desktop should use the campus VPN. Need to check the DLC setup between the scanners and the workstations. Need to mention it to the Web 2.0 folks as well.
  1. Kelley has been helping us with grant funding issues.
  2. Another thing we have going with Sam is the Newspaper project.
  3. The Haiti proposal went out.
  4. Next for Sam - DLOC funding - Chiquita corporation - difficult negotiation.
  5. Oral History - Friday - Special Collections is working on the audio. We've asked for help with funding.
  6. Systems is changing the way we use FTP to make it more secure.
  7. The import tools are broken - we're getting error reports on the SQL server applications. Looks like a problem with the code.
  8. Erich would like to revisit the question of video streaming. There is software that can be used that can minimize the amount of bandwidth - just using snippets of the video. It is free software. It isn't a matter of cost so much as the legality.
HR/Business Services
  1. We've been working a lot on reporting for Judy. The final monthly budget has been reached.
  2. We continue to have issues with historic OPS. We are moving toward a better model.
  3. HR - performance management initiative - deadline was Thursday, but we are still receiving them today.
  4. Kristy is out this week. Tina will be filling in.
  5. ILL task group - will it generate legs? It is going to happen - may complicate things.
  6. Working on estimate for non-student OPS - they might qualify for unemployment compensation.
  7. Job posting: Library Associate I - will go out today.
  8. The part-time position funded by the Chesterfield-Smith endowment is going forward.
  1. We're spending lots of time on the reorganization and budget.
  2. Town Hall Meeting - budget presented. All info is available on the Web. We've asked that none of the required cuts come out of the materials budget.
  3. Bill notes that it was in the newspapers that prison budgets will be cut by 8%. Unsure if this is an additional cut or what, but it doesn't bode well as prison cuts are unusual. If so, we could be looking at a cut bigger than 6%.
  4. Combat fatigue - we're trying to relieve permanent appointments - making them time-limited as opposed to interim. As soon as we can get things solidified, we'll get the searches in place.
  5. Business Services problem with Xerox - copy/print money loss. We lease the machines. Contract doesn't end until late October - November.
  6. We're spending more endowment money than ever - and, we're spending it earlier than ever.
  7. There's a lot of political uncertainty with the Provost and Health Science Center director leaving. HSC merger is unknown.
  8. We want to get a national search in place for the Technology Dean as soon as possible. The position description language has been drafted.
  9. We still have a few procedural hurdles to overcome with the reorganization - the Senate, etc.
  10. Staff workstation replacements this year? Probably not.


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