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Support Services Meeting Notes
April 2, 2007

Present: Bill Covey, Winston Harris, Brian Keith, Erich Kesse, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
Business Services
  1. The testing of the two departments that will be ordering their own supplies will start next week. The designated purchasers have passed their Purchasing Card test. Peter in Facilities will be the go-to guy if they have any questions.
  2. ILL - UPS will have a direct route with them and Facilities will be out of that loop. Regular procedures continue for all other departments.
  3. UF signed a contract with Fed Ex, but we can use UPS Express.
  4. Barbara received an answer back from Carol Walker, but she was avoiding the basic questions. This involves taking down the colonnade. We do not agree with her numbers. The money for West cannot be used for the colonnade.
  5. Barbara also received an email from Bahar regarding elevator repairs. We need to get all concerned parties in the room to sort it out.
  6. Barbara had a conversation with Wayne about the escalators. There are several escalators around town - why are we stuck with this one company that has to make it work?
  7. Infinium carrels - two more hit the floor. We have gotten several vicious comments regarding the flimsiness of this furniture. They are six weeks late with the specs for the materials to fix this.
  1. Rob Roberts will be out Wednesday-Friday.
  2. Windowsills to be installed in room 100 East tomorrow.
  3. LAC stairwell doors being taped open - we have discussed the security issue with them. We will take the Intellikey off and put a regular key cylinder on the door. It has to latch.
  4. Fire alarm panel was going off downstairs in West. It was reset, but then it went off again. There is something wrong in the system. Hope to have it repaired today.
  5. Carrel bracing is now being installed.
  6. Picnic and Read-a-thon prep going on this week.
  7. MSL - waiting for furniture clarification.
  8. Vandalism on the second floor - Men's room sign removed and graffiti on the walls - near Circ desk. A sign was also removed from the elevator.
  9. Possible early closing tonight due to basketball championship game revelries - Bill has an inquiry in to UPD.
  10. Carpet tile messed up in room 100 after the Board of Regents meetings last week. They let us know and cut us a check. We may need to buy more spare carpet tiles.
  1. Per Will, quotes are being worked on for the new staff machines. We will try to stagger the delivery in groups of 50 or 75. The number Winston has for the dual monitor set-up is 20 - Bill would like the breakdown.
  2. Print demon workstations are not being replaced.
  3. Xerox installed a patch to try and fix the PDF not charging problem. It broke printing, so they backed it out. It is printing, but some larger PDFs are getting stuck.
  4. Campus AD tree - it will give us the opportunity to get out from the Exchange email system.
  5. Winston attended the ELI conference in North Carolina last week. The topic was about applying immersive techniques in teaching environments. There were five primary speakers who described the innovative ways they teach their classes. Info retrieval could be structured in a similar manner.
  1. Erich handed out a DLC organization chart. He also announced that Gus Clifton is leaving. He took an IT position at FCLA. We need to get his position filled ASAP.
  2. LSTA grant closed.
  3. National Digital Newspaper Program - waiting for extension.
  4. Hardware/Software approvals by dept chair - if it for a sizeable amount, it goes to the Directors.
  5. We are still processing the Bryant material (and will be for a long time).
  1. PMIs are done. Only one minimally achieves.
  2. Faculty evaluations to start in mid-April. Process is not clear.
  3. Acquisitions & Licensing reorganization - they sent in a SYSHELP today to have PeopleSoft reflect the changes. It all has to do with time approval rights. Will take a day or two to process.
  4. Quarterly visa review ongoing for foreign nationals.
  5. Friday - the candidate for the Digital Project Librarian, Lori Taylor, will be interviewing.
  6. Re-class is going forward. Brian is completing the report that finishes the process, and then staff will be notified through special information sessions.
  1. Getting ready for the new dean. She will be at the picnic. Her official start date is May 1st. There has been no official statement from UF.
  2. Overall security - expanding the hours of the security guard.
  3. Re-class - over two-year span. New dean signed off on it.


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