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Support Services Meeting Notes
April 4, 2005

Present: Evelyn Anderson, Bill Covey, Trudi DiTrolio, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
  1. Spring Arts Festival discussion. Beautiful weekend.
  2. Bill bought a new gas hot water heater.
Crisis du jour
  1. PeopleSoft is down: Weekend Time Administration did not run and now Time & Labor is down.
  2. Ongoing PeopleSoft problem - difficulty getting some OPS employees a GatorLink account. Sometimes their original affiliation with UF makes it impossible for returning folks to get a GatorLink account. There is nothing we can do. The problem needs to be taken to Bridges. OPS hires in central classification seem to be the problem. This probably won't be solved anytime soon, given the current state if PeopleSoft.
  3. East lobby lighting - complaints of low light. Facilities re-lamped five lights over the desk. Also removed diffuser from the air dampers and it made it much less noisy out there, by about 50%. Phone settings were also modified to a lower setting. Discussion gives way to complaints about florescent lights causing migraines. Could be the use of computers under florescent lights. Need to set monitors to a frequency of 72 or higher.
  1. Will is out on vacation for the week.
  2. Rob mentions that the security servers were knocked out over the weekend. Bill comments that there is never anything in the event logs as to the cause. We'll eventually be off this security system, anyways.
  1. Building doors outside of Systems have been installed. They have to come back to install the security software for it.
  2. ALF - air conditioning runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In the winter, it sucks in cold air and adds to it. There is no heat; it gets very cold. The solution has been to turn off the system completely. W.W. Gay is scheduled to install a thermostat. The cost is estimated to be in the $750 ballpark.
  3. Power on the forth floor - sometimes the circuit breaker is tripped - the closets are locked - need to mitigate the situation.
  4. Telephones in ALF - need to add more. Staff have cell phones, but they do not work in the building. They need phones in the warehouse. This week, CNS will give an estimate to get wireless in the stacks at ALF. Will be VOIP, so that includes phones. If this works, it will help. There is a demo set for another type of phone installation, but Rob will hold them off.
  5. Ladders at ALF - the current ones are too long. The shorter ones they no longer make. We need more out there. Not having enough slows productivity.
  6. Water pressure - 4th floor East - it disappears in the bathrooms on a regular basis. Two-three years ago, a bladder pump was installed to increase the water pressure on the fourth floor. Apparently, it is not working. We've asked the contractors to come back and check it out and also train PPD while they're at it. Need to verify the outages are not occurring at the same time as sprinkler testing is going on in the building.
  7. Special Collections 2nd floor display area - wall mountings are causing continual wear and tear on the wall. Holes are constantly patched and repainted. Rob sent them information on hanging systems. They dismissed hanging things on fishing line as too inconvenient. They need to commit to something. A professional display system is necessary. There is an upcoming display going up for LAC - Salaam - archival stuff. Facilities will patch it one more time, but would like a system to be in place in the future. Bill will check with John Ingram on this.
Director's Meeting
  1. Nothing earth shattering.
  2. One announcement - they are no longer investing money themselves. On good years, they lost money. They are setting up a new investment company run by professional investors. There will be two different crews to insure the separation of power.
  3. The rest of the meeting time was spent on the staff survey response. There will probably be something coming out today: faculty survey response committee report. Convocation to get all staff together - once per year. There are always excuses for the scheduling to be inconvenient; we need to just plan it soon.
Business Services
  1. Dale is scheduled to give the budget demo to the Provost on April 22. She has determined the thrust yet, but she needs money to back it. She wants to beg for $1 million for furniture. The phones will be bought with our money. Wednesday we have a construction meeting regarding the escalators and compact shelving. Need to know the maintenance and warranty contracts on both. Dale wants to go over the budget. Plans on putting $250,000 of our own money into West, but would like the University to come up with the rest. The Provost is going to want an estimate. Now is the time to negotiate a deal. Dale still wants the café. Power would have to be upgraded, which would cost more money. May possibly try a cart - like at Shands. Would have to talk to vendors. This is about getting what the kids want. If we can get the money, then we'll go for it. We need figures for Dale; the money pleas have to be justified.
  2. Do we need to stay on the church mouse budget forever? We've always given her a budget by category: travel, maintenance, supplies, etc. Departmental budgets for supplies, printing, travel, OPS - we should put the responsibility on department heads to manage their own shops.
  3. OPS budgets - Personnel - no clear way to control each department. If responsibility is given to managers, it will be under their control.
  4. Will need money figures from Personnel, Systems and Facilities.
  5. Dale writes a good statistical report, but her thrust is not done. She is very concerned about the construction aspect - feels the University should spend the money for it.
  6. Meeting with the movers this week.
  7. The amount of construction money we have left is unknown - quoted anywhere from $2 million to $600,000 left. That's a big difference. We need to construct a worst-case and expected scenario, regardless.
  8. Steve needs to get the moving fees to Barbara. Moving from solid to compact shelving is always more expensive.
All Staff Meeting
  1. Thursday, April 7 - one great kumbaya. Dale should be leading it. Unknown if Steve plans on attending.
  2. Trudi is trying to get an agenda. Need to contact Steve about speaking.
  3. It is currently scheduled to be in MSL107. Will need extra chairs.
  4. Can't we find somewhere bigger? Will try Reitz Union and University Auditorium.
West Move
  1. There will be a meeting of people moving into West on Wednesday - to let people know of the current plans.
President Machen
  1. Dale is trying to get President Machen to talk to the Libraries.
  2. His schedule is not free until after the legislature meets. Should be at the Reitz Union or the Auditorium. He is trying to schedule a time.
  1. We're having problems with inventory. Grace and Betty are trying to figure out what's going on.
  2. Suggestions include starting a liaison program for tracking inventory.
  3. Think about it, we'll discuss it next time.
  4. Also, a list serv for this meeting.we'll talk about it next time.


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