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Support Services Meeting Notes
April 6, 2009

Present: Bill Covey, Lori Driscoll, Rob Roberts, Rachel Schipper, Laurie Taylor
  1. Status quo.
  2. Kakadu software has been ordered.
  3. DLOC meeting June 1st-6th - labor disputes in Guadalupe: workers may be on strike, hotels may not be available.
  4. Everglades grant ongoing.
  5. Wrapping up the Baldwin grant.
  6. Library of Congress - error files.
  1. Order out to add storage drives to SAN. Logan is upgrading the firmware code.
  2. IT Action Plan - Interim CIO is retiring in July. Next big push for UF IT will probably be the Web. Rachel will be meeting with Frasier - are there any questions for him?
  3. Will is out this week.
  4. Wednesday - luncheon for Bill and Michele.
Access Support
  1. 60% staffed today.
  2. Natalie's last day is tomorrow.
  3. Our new half time hire (Mark Allender) will be leaving for six weeks, starting next week.
  4. We received notice that Michelle Foss will continue working half time with us through the calendar year.
  5. We need to discuss changing the structure, because it's not working well over here.
  6. Janice Kahler - FMLA status.
  1. Elevator car #6 not working.
  2. Meeting Friday with HSC - met with Wallace, Facilities Planning and VP office - regarding areas to upgrade. Target date for project is during summer break.
  3. Got the PO for the stack and furniture moves. Just to schedule.
  4. Paging system for West went out. Could not manually override. Called CNS. You may hear them testing it today.
  1. Rachel met with the Facilities Dept. She will visit the other areas under her domain.
  2. Rachel is collecting agenda items for the communal departmental meeting. The Support Services group, as it stands now, is disbanded. Lela will take minutes for the new communal departmental group. We might start with putting the reorganization on the agenda. We may eventually work our way to a Retreat Day.


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