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Support Services Meeting Notes
April 9, 2007

Present: Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Kelley Cunningham, Brian Keith, Erich Kesse, Rob Roberts, Grace Strawn
  1. Starbucks - AC condensation is dripping into a sink.
  2. Seat uprights for desks in the carrels - they are asking for 30% up front. They need to accept a PO or we will go elsewhere.
  3. Swamp project quote - Judaica plaque, outlets, art work - $3457.
  4. Carrel move in MSL - Turner is scheduled for May 7.
  5. Inventories - several - putting them in a spreadsheet. Trying to get the average value. Furniture is more difficult to count. Need to talk to the campus auditor. Make sure the figures cross-index.
  6. CCure - Logan fixed - he reloaded the device driver.
  7. Goodys/Maas Brothers warehouse - materials lab.
Business Services
  1. Inventory - required by the chief financial officer in Tallahassee for the new building. Sonia is pulling purchases - there are lots of items that are not ours. The inventory is due by tomorrow. We'll do what we can.
  2. OPS report to go out today.
  3. Cash report went out last Friday.
  4. We will get with Brian's group this week regarding the raises and the mechanical implementation.
  1. Phantom grants - Tapes was a gift, not a grant. It went in as a grant. Classified will continue to happen - not a real grant.
  2. Grant Management meeting this afternoon. Six month mini grants to be discussed.
  1. Will received notification on Sunday that the OCKA application was down. The problem turned out to be that the SQL server was not allowing log-in. There had been some 2K3 SQL updates and a restart. Winston came in and fixed it. The application is now up and running.
  2. There are a bunch of orders waiting to be processed this week. We will stagger the staff workstation order.
  3. AFA - CNS' change of the IP space is done. The old addresses have been turned off. Need to look at the failover.
  4. CCure driver device reloaded.
  5. Will get the quote for the Education classroom submitted this week.
  6. PO for the room 100 installation - Dell did not send the shipping doc. It is now being processed.
  1. Laurie Taylor - Digital Tech Librarian candidate - comments due by Wednesday. Decision soon to follow.
  2. Gus - letter of resignation - will rework his position description. Hope to have it posted soon.
  3. Large equipment orders to be put through - $32,000 CopiBook.
  4. There is a possibility that Haiti may join us on a grant. We may loan a CopiBook to Haiti to digitize all of a collection and then they would return it at the end of the grant period. We would have to assume responsibility for it.
  1. Digital Projects & Judaica librarian positions - hopefully will be decided upon this week.
  2. PMI - just finished this week - Directors want statistics.
  3. Mid-April - faculty evaluations.
  4. Re-class - Assistant and Associate positions are now in PeopleSoft. The other positions were submitted on March 20. UF HR has asked for more information on those positions. We will talk to Calls & Comp. We remain optimistic about the implementation. Library HR has produced a tutorial about this process. We hope to not make the presentation without knowing the dates of implementation.
  1. Revamp of the storage facility at ALF - need to increase storage capacity - switch to compact/static shelving. It could be designated as a regional SUS storage facility. There could be another building going up on the site. There is a lot going on. It raises questions on how to staff.
  2. OPS hiring incident - don't promise to pay if paperwork is not complete.
  3. Discussion on game day - fire alarm. Emergency cards need to be updated with up-to-date phone numbers.
  4. VOIP is East - problem over the leasing of the phones. Need to reach an agreement with CNS.
  5. Rumors of Library East becoming strictly a showcase for Special Collections and staff being moved to another building - the Registrar's Office or a new building. All rumors, nothing happening in the near future.


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