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Support Services Meeting Notes
April 10, 2006

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Brian Keith, Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts
Business Services
  1. Trying to spend money. Need to see Will. Leilani's list of items to be ordered - some stuff is ready to go. Check the list off for Barbara.
  2. Also need to order the items for the Personnel training classroom.
  3. Martha is also busy spending - $150,000 or so on networking stuff.
  4. Open encumbrances for the rest of the West project - may not reflect all of the approved changes.
  5. Martha has been going through the Library Web site and removing things she does not care for - found a purchasing page that said that all purchasing stops on June 1. That has been changed to all routine purchasing stops June 1. Also, no bids after May 17.
  6. There is a bid at Purchasing for Erich's camera.
  7. Erich's microfilm reader/printers - 12 under sole source.
  8. Need to reply back to Library Design regarding the Judaica move. Bill says it won't happen until after everyone scheduled moves back into West. Perhaps by the fall.
  9. Trying to get a second quote on the Systems carpeting. It will be purchased under state contract.
  10. Business Services is starting to gather data to finish the third quarter. Grace and Barbara are going to class to learn new downloads.
  11. Audio visual server for Erich - grant has not yet been approved - he was wondering if Barbara could front the money. Erich needs to talk to Barbara about this situation.
  12. Are we finished with the supply room purchases? Yes. Need to get anything Brad needs bought ASAP as well. Tools are fine.
  13. White van whereabouts? It has been washed, unknown if it is being repaired. If we want to get a new van, we're going to have to get with Betty and go to Transportation. Have to look at ethanol, diesel and/or hybrids.
  14. We have paid for all the furniture at Office Concepts. All has been insured. Will give them a date that it can arrive - if they get here with it too early, it will be returned. We will not store items for West yet. Facilities will be instructed to refuse it.
  15. Is there anything else left in West that we need to pay for? Hard to tell, you never know.
  16. Grace - $11 grand for SpaceSaver.
  17. Dale approved shelving to be purchased for Periodicals (newspapers).
  18. Resolution to MSL shelving - Bates not responding. UPS - crank option. There is talk of fixing it by taking out every other range and thereby disabling the 'moving' aspect to the compact shelving. This would make regular aisles. It would remove about a half or a third of the shelving.
  19. There is a vacant position in Business Services.
  1. Heard back from the Accounting candidate. We will make an offer to her soon.
  2. W2's that have been lost or never received - we are referring those inquiries to Tech Services.
  3. Evelyn is out right now.
  4. Need a position description for the Business Services position. It is being worked on. PeopleSoft-trained is a big advantage.
  5. June 1 is still the anticipated date for the beginning of the West move. We may get the building as early as May 26. There is usually a big push to hire around that time, so HR needs to get set up over there pretty fast.
  6. The move will be done in stages. The movers have to be ready. Need to get them a schedule. We have to wait until we have the keys.
  7. Training room West - Will to talk to Dell - we have the quotes. We've got the lectern - just waiting for the control unit and quote from Dell. When Media Tech was building it, the lecterns were a problem. Laptops - how are we going to set them up? Complete care package? Security? We'll set them up as staff, but with DeepFreeze. But, they could be used to train on the public set-up.
  8. New position, Public Service Liaison, is being developed. Position description is in process. There is the question of where that person would be housed.
  9. Audit of visas - we are caught up in providing info to UF. We are able to learn whose visas expire in the next few months.
  10. Survey for training and development will be going out in the near future. Mainly for basic functional training needs. Training needs for liaisons will be a completely different matter.
  1. ImageBuilder software - we can set it up with Dell to image any machine. It is ready to go.
  2. DLC server - still need Will's approval.
  3. Stand-by Web server - still has a back plane failure. The server in MSL that serves as a Web server backup has not been upgraded to 2003 yet. Need to get that done.
  4. The new SQL server is up and ready to go. SQL 2005 software and 100 CALs. Bill wants it to be locked down so that it never goes over the intended number of users.
  5. HSSS laptop requirement - they do not want to purchase the complete care package. Dale says go for it - buy everything on the list. Add the 3-year complete care warranty. Pass on the security that tracks it if stolen.
  1. VOIP assignments are complete.
  2. Layout of furniture for Library West is complete.
  3. This week, we will layout the port assignments in West.
  4. Laptop area for Journalism - materials have been ordered.
  1. Annual synopsis of goals. Directors meeting Thursday on this topic.
  2. Quality control for software created in Systems - want to make sure testing is extensive before it goes live.
  3. Bill will be out Wednesday-Friday at a UCA meeting in Atlanta.
  4. Emergency Planning procedures - Web site is a mess. The major need is for a way for folks to check the status and know when to return to work. Need an ultimate way. Phone number, web access, something.


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