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Support Services Meeting Notes
April 14, 2008

Present: Bill Covey, Will Chaney, Kelley Cunningham, Brian Keith, Erich Kesse, Rob Roberts
  1. Bruce Chappell's keys were found. They were missing for about three weeks. Someone turned them back in to him. Special Collections started re-keying the locks. Pete is working on it.
  2. Escalator training - TK did not show. They never called to cancel.
  3. Security gate - it works, under control. There is too much interference, though. We might put a screen on it as a temporary fix.
  4. Judy wants an alternate entrance to West to be available for the public - in the event that the front door is off-limits. It will have to be secure. There would have to be a place for an attendant to sit. Rob will make a list of possible solutions and give it to the Directors for a decision.
  5. MSL air conditioning problems - PPD looked at it and has ordered some equipment to replace - but, they can't do it until summer break. One vent over there is putting out 108 degree heat. Rob put in an emergency order to have them investigate the cause. They suggested we buy fans. PPD needs to address this and find the problem.
  6. PPD meeting - in going through the plumbing in West, they found it at variance with the drawings. Could be major trouble - did they have the right plans, the right changes - need to find the problems and fix them. They will probably have to tear up the 1st floor - jack hammers, dust, etc. No accessible bathroom on the first floor during that time.
  7. PPD has decided that the elaborate heating and cooling system we have in West is overdone. They want to try running it without one of the HVAC towers. The experimental period will be forthcoming. We will reserve the right to turn it back on if we need it down the line.
  8. Room 229 West - can't see the projector due to the light coming in the window in the door. It is a film room that can be reserved by students. We'll need to test different solutions.
  1. The next Grants Management meeting has been rescheduled for next Monday. Today's meeting was cancelled in lieu of the Read-a-thon.
  2. Article about grants and endowments - chronicles the problems when money is earmarked for specific topics only.
  1. MSL replacement laptops - issue is still unresolved. No action yet from Lenovo.
  2. Public folders problem has been fixed. The IIS setting was blocking it - now it is visible from Exchange and on the backup server. Rob and Bill note that their user folders on NT2R were disappearing - Will to keep an eye out.
  3. CJK workstation for HSSS - it is just about done. Logan is working on a multiple boot. He'll create a menu to pick the language wanted. Menu shouldn't be only in English. Will ask for help from David Hickey. It won't be virtualized. Could check with the International Student Center to see if they have more than just a language pack.
  1. Trying to take a Minolta scanner out of use - DLC gave Special Collections a CopiBook to use instead. It was purchased on grant funds. DLC has six CopiBooks that are highly used and one that is not. DLC needs the images that they are scanning and the CopiBook is more efficient.
  2. Environmental scan for Chelsea - we are in competition for Hansards - other people are scanning it. Britain is now scanning it for themselves. We are trying to arrange splitting it up - trying to collaborate. We are waiting to hear from the Brits.
  3. Brooke is in from FIU - DLOC project is moving forward. In addition, they came up with a new Project: Latin Theology - FIU can't do it. It looks easy and Richard likes it.
  4. Subcomponent for Haiti - government purchased scanner - it will go in May, we'll return in June for training.
  5. Tracey met with Kelly regarding grant.
  6. Selling things - news back proposition sent to Judy. They will scan the material and give it back to us. We can use it after 10 years.
  7. Google - talking with them about why our collections are ignored. Google expressed interest.
  8. YouTube - asked DLC - offered same amount of space. We proposed an unlimited number of items. If they want to make money, they will offer the unlimited space. No advertising until we decide.
  9. Erich will be out Wednesday-Friday.
Business Services/HR
  1. Federal Work Study - should have more activity after the end of the spring semester. MSL plans on setting up a table outside to recruit people.
  2. Grants Development Officer position is out. It's a joint hire with the foundation.
  3. HR would like to create bookmarks for new students to give out at the expo. Rob says to speak with Peter.
  4. Extended hours start Sat April 19 - May 1. Would like the tables to be wired and furniture in by that time. We all agree that it is not urgent.
  5. Brian reported to Shelley that the sign for the 4th floor northwest stairwell has the arrow pointing in the wrong direction.
  6. Faculty evaluations are coming along. They're due in mid-April.
  7. Brian had an inquiry about the cost to turn Library West into a 24 hour operation. If the data is requested, we have to give it to them.
  8. The convocation committee is gearing up.
  9. Sustained performance - two faculty members are eligible.
  1. The Director's Meeting was abridged due to the picnic last week. We did discuss agenda items for Library Council. Be sure to pass topic up if you want them to be presented at Library Council.
  2. Budget - we (campus) still don't know what our budget is for next fiscal. It will be three weeks down the road in the legislature. Cuts in social services have been met with outcry.
  3. Shifting folks around - reorganization. Meetings are happening, but nothing final.
  4. We should get Bernie's take on the budget on April 24.


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